Meet the Berserkers

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Here’s a wee project I’m working on… a book about the Berserkers, werewolf warriors living in medieval Scotland at the time of the Red King (Macbeth). Mute and scarred from a wolf attack when she was a girl, Brenna never expected to be sold as a love slave to  the two Berserker leaders…


“Shhh, it’s all right lass. Calm yerself. I’m going to shave ye.”  

His tone relaxed me, then his words penetrated and I scrambled up. He caught me and laid me down again.

“Now, now Brenna.”

“Need help brother?” Samuel entered, a loincloth draped around his giant hips. Before I knew it, the blond sat at my back, cradling me and pulling my legs apart.

“Shhh,” Samuel hushed me as Daegan poured out the oil. “Be good for my warrior brother.”

“I won’t hurt ye, lasshutterstock_344430152s,” Daegan told me softly. His fingers stroked my lower lips, coating them generously with oil. “Dinnae move and I won’t even nick ye with the blade. You’ll be all soft and smooth for us.”

With a wicked smile, Daegan started sharpening the blade. I squirmed on Samuel’s lap.

“Still, Brenna.” The blond’s voice made my body freeze. “This is what we wish. You will obey.” 

“Though if ye don’t, it’ll be a pleasure to see ye punished,” Daegan added with a wink.

My eyes widened. For all their talk of caring for me, they were threatening to beat me?

Samuel sighed and explained Daegan’s teasing. “Your punishment would not be harsh.”

“Just a wee spanking,” Daegan sounded excited at the prospect. “Though yer bum will sting because it’s wet. Is that what you want, Brenna?” 

I shook my head.

“Good lass. Now lie back and relax, and I’ll get you all smooth for us to lick.” The black haired warrior approached with the blade, and I showed my displeasure by kicking out.

“Och, careful, lass, the knife is sharp.”

But I wasn’t in the mood to be placated. In the past day, I’d grown more comfortable with the warriors, and forgotten too much of my fear, for as Samuel gripped me tighter, his hand came near my mouth and I bit him. 

He only chuckled and clamped his hand over my mouth. “Biting us already? Not in the throes of passion. Oh, little love you are so brave.”

Before I knew it, he had flipped me over his knee and swatted my bottom once. It didn’t hurt but I knew it was a warning. 

“Your choice, Brenna. Submit to the shaving, or to your punishment. I can spank you as long and hard as you want.”Untitled1

I made my decision, thrashing and trying to fight to get off his lap. My struggles made no difference. One great leg weighed down mine, and he caught my flailing hands before smacking my bottom again. I stilled at the force, not quite strong enough to sting, but serious.

“That’s one.”

I struggled and he smacked the other cheek hard enough for me to catch my breath. “That’s two.” The sting worked through me, telling me to stop this mad experiment, and obey.

I let my body go limp over his legs in submission.

Daegan chuckled. “Seems she learned her lesson.”

Anger burned through me. It seemed, in the face of their coddling and gentle treatment, I had lost all good sense.

Samuel held his hand to my face. “Kiss me to thank me for your punishment.”

I contemplated this, then tried to bite him again. A stupid move, I soon realized.

“Not quite,” Samuel told Daegan. “But soon.” The blond’s great hand beat down, covering every inch of my backside. The spanking hurt but the warrior obviously wasn’t using even one iota of his full strength. It was nothing like the beating I expected, and in the end it almost felt nice, for every so often the warrior stopped and rubbed my bottom. The massage muted the slight sting. After a few minutes, I felt warm and floaty, even when Samuel’s swats reached a crescendo. The blows came down harder and harder, then stopped.

“Almost there?” Daegan asked. 

“Aye.” Samuel’s fingers slid between my legs. “She’s soaked.” He played in my folds until I bucked my hips a little.

“Well, Brenna? Are ye ready to be good? If ye are we’ll give ye a reward…”

I let myself go limp over Samuel’s lap.

“Smart lass,”  Samuel laughed and rubbed my back and bottom. Whatever small pain I’d felt faded quickly away leaving a deep aching desire.

My face was flushed and my body relaxed when Samuel helped me up. The two warriors propped me between them and finished the job of shaving me while I submitted, desperate to cum.

“There we are. All smooth.” I felt hot breath blow over my lower lips and sighed. “Now for your reward.”





  1. I don’t blame her for struggling. I doubt I’d want a warrior reaching toward my nether region with a straight razor, either. Nope. Even if I knew I’d get a reward if I stayed very still. Love the excerpt, though.

  2. I don’t know if I could have stayed still for that either, no matter how hot the Scots were! lol. And what a steamy-hot punishment. Awesome snippet!!

  3. What a delicious excerpt. I love it when the heroine is a feisty lass and this one certainly is. Still, her captors don’t seem all that bad… I wouldn’t mind being held prisoner for a few days by them 😉

  4. Oh my goodness! This is such a hot excerpt. I was riveted the whole time reading. And I agree with Christina, I sure wouldn’t mind being their prisoner. Love that they weren’t too harsh with the spanking. Very sweet and sexy.

  5. yum, can’t wait to read this!

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