Taken by the Berserkers


“Do you know how long it’s been?” Maddox’s rough voice rumbled in my ear. I could’ve cried at the raw need in his voice. “Do you know how long we’ve waited for you?”

His grip tightened, made my breasts throb, and I understood their delicious intent. These warriors would possess me tonight, every inch.

“Do you know how long I watched and desired you?” Maddox’s lips touched my ear. “Every night.”

Ragnvald went on with his perfect torment, tasting me, swirling and flicking his tongue, dancing closer, drawing further away; never satisfying, but licking the fire in me hotter and flames higher and higher. He tasted every crevice, secret place, as his hands cupped my bottom.

“How long should we make you wait? How long should we torture you as you tortured us?” Maddox kept the sinister whisper as his clever fingers caged my breasts, gripped them, twisted the nipples until I writhed pressing further into his hands. Begging mindlessly for something, anything, and helpless to do anything but accept what they wanted to give.


  1. Noel ONeil says:

    Where or when can we get Given To The Berserkers?

    I have read the rest and need the last two.

    • Lee Savino says:

      Hello, Noel! Given comes out on the 30th of this month (January 2017). If you sign up to my newsletter (by downloading the free book at http://www.leesavino.com), I’ll let you and everyone know when it’s live! 😀

      Claimed by the Berserkers will come out early spring. <3

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