A very merry Berserker holiday

Hello, Spankos! Hope your holiday is as merry and bright as your favorite heroine’s bum. Here’s some naughty menage punishment from my latest release <3




Maddox pounced. I found myself face down over his lap with my gunna around my waist. I kicked wildly. “What are you doing?”
“Showing you how you will be punished.” He smoothed a hand over my bottom and squeezed each cheek.

“Stop it!”

My struggles only resulted in him pinning my legs under one of his and securing my hands in the small of my back. My feet fluttered as he caressed my bottom and then brought his hand down, hard.

My outrage echoed through the cavern. I tried twisting and Maddox held me further.

“That’s one,” he said, and smacked me again, harder. This time it stung.

“That’s enough!”

“No, that’s two.”

Ragnvald laughed. I cursed at him, and gasped when Maddox let fly a flurry of smacks that had me dancing on my belly. The sting wasn’t unbearable, but the humiliation of being pinned and punished like a naughty child was.

“I will kill you, wolf.”

Maddox responded by slapping the tops of my thighs. The pain on my sensitive flesh brought tears to my eyes, and I found it wise to say silent.

“Think she’s learned her lesson?”

“I will ask her,” Maddox said. “Will you obey us, Sabine? You may not speak, only nod.”


A fresh volley on my bare bottom had me gritting my teeth,.

“Let’s try that again. Will you obey? You do not have permission to speak.”

I jerked my head, once.

“Good girl.”


Taken by the Berserkers: an MFM menage shifter romance

My mother warned me not to go alone to the grove. But when the moon is full, heat stirs my blood…and it calls to them.

The Berserkers came in the night and took me. I woke chained outside the monsters’ cave.

They were warriors, cursed by a witch to become ravening beasts. They tell me I’m their mate. The prophecy says I am the only one who can heal them. But can I tame the beast that haunts their mind…before it’s too late?

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Pearl’s Possession

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Today you get an excerpt from Pearl’s Possession, part of the Red Petticoat series and due out June 15th.  Pearl is a brothel worker who’s kidnapped by five of her regulars to be their shared wife.

That’s right…five men, one woman.  I wrote this book in the second trimester of pregnancy when the hormones were raging. It has way, way too much sex in it, not to mention domination and discipline…


Cash lifted the paddle from the table. “Six, I think. Just enough to introduce her to it, but not enough to bruise her.”

“Legs apart, Pearl. Point your toes in,” Orion said, and I positioned myself in a way kept me from tightening my muscles, and showed off my charms to all my men.  

Someone touched the paddle to my nates and I whimpered. “Shhh, it’s all right.” Cash leaned close to me, brushing my hair away from my face.

“Don’t be frightened. You like it when I take control, don’t you?” I nodded against the table. “This will please me. Bent over, your husbands can see every beautiful part of you. Brock and Jonas are excited to see your bottom turn pink. And Samson has promised for every stroke, you will receive an equal lick of pleasure. Would you like that?”

“Yes, sir,” I sighed. Staring into his dark eyes, I felt myself sink into sweet submission. My men would take care of me.  

Cash stayed close, stroking my back. “You asked me what I enjoy most about you. It is this. The way you give over all control. It’s a beautiful gift,” he finished on a whisper.

Closing my eyes, I craned my neck and kissed him, my soft lips silently telling him I understood.

“Sweet Pearl.” He stood. “Time to take your punishment. And remember,” he said in that stern voice that made my insides clench. “This is what happens to naughty wives who touch themselves without their husband’s permission. We own you, Pearl, pain and pleasure.”


Devil Dog: A military romance


devil dog

Legend has it the Nazis called the US Marines “Hell Hounds”

“You ready, baby?”


His hand went to my neck, collaring me lightly. He kissed me, then walked me backwards to the wall, and kissed me again. I let my hands fall back against the wall, giving myself over to him. His hand slid down the front of my body, dipping under the shirt to check on me.

He paused and rested his forehead against mine. “Cassandra. So fucking beautiful.”



“I’ve wanted to do this all night,” he growled, then spun me around and pressed my body against the wall. I wriggled and he smacked my butt, then rubbed it. He repeated the movement, spanking me a little not hard enough to sting, but enough for my body to weaken. Smack, rub, smack, rub, and my brain switched off, my whole body relaxing in response to his dominance.

I gasped as he reached around, sliding his hand between me and the wall and under the shirt to finger me. My pelvis jerked up to greet his questing fingers.

“Spread,” he ordered, and I rocked my legs apart, not wanting to give him any reason to stop the wonderful movement between my legs.Teufel_Hunden_US_Marines_recruiting_poster

He spoke in my ear while his fingers roved. “You probably figured out, I like being in control.”  

“Really?” I breathed. 

“Oh yeah. Thing is, I think you like it too.”

My hips moved against his hand, begging for his touch.

“You gonna be a good girl for me? You gonna give me what I want?”

My arousal ratcheted up one thousand percent.

“What do you want?” My voice sounded high and breathy.

“I want you, Cassandra. All of you,” he murmured against my temple. “You gonna give yourself to me?”

“Yes.” I closed my eyes to focus on the sensation of his fingers working between my legs.


“You gonna give me your sweet pussy?” His cock rubbed against my bottom cheeks as I arched back as far as I could, pressing my chest into the wall. He found my sweet spot and my hips bucked against his hand.

“This is mine now,” he whispered, his index finger working right against my clit. “I own this pussy. Whenever you want to touch yourself, you have to ask permission. You understand?”

“I understand,” I gasped. Anything to keep that beautiful movement against my clit.

“I mean it. Next time you want to touch, you text me and ask if you can touch this sweet pussy I own.”

“Yes, Dane.”

“Good, baby.”


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#Satspanks Sold to the Berserkers

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Today I have an excerpt from my newest release, a novellette set in medieval Scottish highlands, starring menage werewolves. 😀


Mute and scarred from a wolf attack when she was young, nineteen year old Brenna is sold by her stepfather to a band of passing warriors. In this excerpt she learns her place as a cherished pleasure slave to the two alpha leaders.


“Our little love doesn’t like seeing us fight,” Samuel remarked, but he didn’t sound upset. He held my hand in his own massive paws, rubbing and massaging, cradling carefully like it was a fragile bird.

“She knows the way to soothe us. Come, Brenna,” Daegan tugged my hand. “Let us teach you something new.” He lay a pelt before the dais and helped me kneel before Samuel. “Whenever I anger my brother it’ll be up to you to settle him.”shutterstock_344430152

With a small smile, Samuel shifted his loincloth and drew himself out.

“Touch him,” Daegan said into my ear. The dark haired warrior crouched behind me, coaching me as I took Samuel’s shaft in my hand and stroked him.

“Now yer mouth, wee one,” he instructed. 

As my lips brushed his cock, Samuel closed his eyes. I took it as a good sign.

The truth was I liked finding ways to please them. On my knees before the great warrior, I felt content.

My tongue touched his thick flesh and his cock jumped. I circled around the pink crown, then, at Daegan’s insistence, pushed my head forward to swallow more. Samuel was too thick for me to take down very far, but I tried my best, backing off and working my mouth down again.

Daegan’s fingers sifted in my hair and he worked my head up and down in a rhythm until Samuel stiffened and came. Cum spilled from my mouth and down my chest.

Samuel sat up and fed it to me, smearing it over my lips and breasts before kissing me.

“You smell of my seed,” he growled happily. His golden eyes glowed.

“My turn.” Daegan took a handful of my hair and tugged gently to turn me to him. I rose up on tall knees and gave him the same service. Withshutterstock_344430140 his dark hair and golden eyes, he looked like a wicked beast, feral. For all his gentle coaxing when I serviced his brother, Daegan was more forceful with me, gripping my head and moving it up and down the shaft. I gripped his thighs and breathed through my nose until he spent himself.

Samuel tugged me to my feet. He sat on the rock, his manhood sticking straight up. I thought he wanted me to lick him again, but he took my hips and lifted me onto his cock. We both sighed as I sank down his shaft. As always, his thickness stretched me to pleasure’s breaking point. His hand slipped between us and his thumb caught my pleasure nub, stroking until shockwaves radiated through me. I convulsed, my hands tearing at his hair. His mouth found my neck, licking and sucking the tender skin. His lips drifted to the thick scar tissue. I tolerated it for a few moments, before tugging his head away. A growl rumbled through his chest, but he moved on to my chest until I arched back, offering my breasts to him as he licked, teased and sucked the tender mounds.

Daegan came to prop me up and I leaned back against him, smiling as his head came down to claim my mouth. His warrior brother finished worshiping my breasts and pulled me against him. Samuel gripped my hips hard and lifted me up and down on his shaft.

Pleasure claimed me again, vibrations starting deep, deep inside me and spreading outwards through my whole body. I gasped and clawed at Samuel’s arms and muscled shoulders. The big warrior roared and lay back, pulling me over him.

“Ride me,” he ordered, his eyes piercing mine.

I struggled to get my limbs together.

I felt Daegan’s hand smooth down my back, squeezing one butt check and then other before smacking it. “Up and down, Brenna, there’s a good lass. Give my brother relief.”Untitled1

Finding purchase on the rock, I straddled the big warrior and pushed myself up and down. My skin grew slick with sweat.
Daegan spanked me for a while to encourage me, then his fingers slipped in the crevice between my buttocks. I jerked up to escape the probing digit, and the dark haired warrior smacked my bottom again.

Samuel’s fingers tugged my nipples, drawing my attention. “Faster,” he grunted, and I obeyed, rocking over him as he pulled my nipples to control the pace. The pain made me clench down on the blond’s giant cock, and he grabbed my hips and pounded me from beneath until he came with a roar.



Sold to the Berserkers is live on Amazon for $.99! And in Kindle Unlimited. 😀

Fun fact, it draws on the mythology I researched for my historical fantasy novel, Raven & Wolf.


Meet the Berserkers

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Here’s a wee project I’m working on… a book about the Berserkers, werewolf warriors living in medieval Scotland at the time of the Red King (Macbeth). Mute and scarred from a wolf attack when she was a girl, Brenna never expected to be sold as a love slave to  the two Berserker leaders…


“Shhh, it’s all right lass. Calm yerself. I’m going to shave ye.”  

His tone relaxed me, then his words penetrated and I scrambled up. He caught me and laid me down again.

“Now, now Brenna.”

“Need help brother?” Samuel entered, a loincloth draped around his giant hips. Before I knew it, the blond sat at my back, cradling me and pulling my legs apart.

“Shhh,” Samuel hushed me as Daegan poured out the oil. “Be good for my warrior brother.”

“I won’t hurt ye, lasshutterstock_344430152s,” Daegan told me softly. His fingers stroked my lower lips, coating them generously with oil. “Dinnae move and I won’t even nick ye with the blade. You’ll be all soft and smooth for us.”

With a wicked smile, Daegan started sharpening the blade. I squirmed on Samuel’s lap.

“Still, Brenna.” The blond’s voice made my body freeze. “This is what we wish. You will obey.” 

“Though if ye don’t, it’ll be a pleasure to see ye punished,” Daegan added with a wink.

My eyes widened. For all their talk of caring for me, they were threatening to beat me?

Samuel sighed and explained Daegan’s teasing. “Your punishment would not be harsh.”

“Just a wee spanking,” Daegan sounded excited at the prospect. “Though yer bum will sting because it’s wet. Is that what you want, Brenna?” 

I shook my head.

“Good lass. Now lie back and relax, and I’ll get you all smooth for us to lick.” The black haired warrior approached with the blade, and I showed my displeasure by kicking out.

“Och, careful, lass, the knife is sharp.”

But I wasn’t in the mood to be placated. In the past day, I’d grown more comfortable with the warriors, and forgotten too much of my fear, for as Samuel gripped me tighter, his hand came near my mouth and I bit him. 

He only chuckled and clamped his hand over my mouth. “Biting us already? Not in the throes of passion. Oh, little love you are so brave.”

Before I knew it, he had flipped me over his knee and swatted my bottom once. It didn’t hurt but I knew it was a warning. 

“Your choice, Brenna. Submit to the shaving, or to your punishment. I can spank you as long and hard as you want.”Untitled1

I made my decision, thrashing and trying to fight to get off his lap. My struggles made no difference. One great leg weighed down mine, and he caught my flailing hands before smacking my bottom again. I stilled at the force, not quite strong enough to sting, but serious.

“That’s one.”

I struggled and he smacked the other cheek hard enough for me to catch my breath. “That’s two.” The sting worked through me, telling me to stop this mad experiment, and obey.

I let my body go limp over his legs in submission.

Daegan chuckled. “Seems she learned her lesson.”

Anger burned through me. It seemed, in the face of their coddling and gentle treatment, I had lost all good sense.

Samuel held his hand to my face. “Kiss me to thank me for your punishment.”

I contemplated this, then tried to bite him again. A stupid move, I soon realized.

“Not quite,” Samuel told Daegan. “But soon.” The blond’s great hand beat down, covering every inch of my backside. The spanking hurt but the warrior obviously wasn’t using even one iota of his full strength. It was nothing like the beating I expected, and in the end it almost felt nice, for every so often the warrior stopped and rubbed my bottom. The massage muted the slight sting. After a few minutes, I felt warm and floaty, even when Samuel’s swats reached a crescendo. The blows came down harder and harder, then stopped.

“Almost there?” Daegan asked. 

“Aye.” Samuel’s fingers slid between my legs. “She’s soaked.” He played in my folds until I bucked my hips a little.

“Well, Brenna? Are ye ready to be good? If ye are we’ll give ye a reward…”

I let myself go limp over Samuel’s lap.

“Smart lass,”  Samuel laughed and rubbed my back and bottom. Whatever small pain I’d felt faded quickly away leaving a deep aching desire.

My face was flushed and my body relaxed when Samuel helped me up. The two warriors propped me between them and finished the job of shaving me while I submitted, desperate to cum.

“There we are. All smooth.” I felt hot breath blow over my lower lips and sighed. “Now for your reward.”




#SatSpanks Francesca & the Birch

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Here’s some more from Rocky Mountain Ride. Upon their first meeting, Lord Sebastian Chivington has the opportunity to spank and birch the beautiful and passionate Francesca. A few weeks later, she’s earned another session…



She started to pull him to her and he stopped her, lips curving in a wicked grin. “Naughty one. Don’t think I’ve forgotten about the punishment you earned.”

She raised a brow.

He kept his voice stern. “Go and wait for me in the bedroom.”Books6,7,8

Once she was gone, he set about carving up the ginger plug he’d bought in the market place. Just the thought of inserting it into his wife’s tender arsehole made him grin. The burn would spread through her body like wild fire, igniting more than just pain in her nethers. Her cuntpurse would be red and weeping by the time he was done and ready to take her from behind, his hips slapping into her bright, birched ass.

When he entered the room she was naked as he requested and lounging on the bed. He took a moment to admire her, her breasts tipped with firelight, her tiny waist flaring out into wide hips and a delicious bottom. Her face was a picture of haughty indifference, her smooth, straight nose, lovely dark eyes and brows framed by the raven wings of her hair.

He couldn’t resist crossing to her, leaning down and kissing her. His cock struggled to get out of his pants. “What have you done to me, my lovely little witch? I will never be able to sate myself with your body.”

Francesca 4

Inspiration for Francesca

She made a low satisfied noise in her throat. 

He broke the kiss and looked about for the birch.


The fire flared and caught his eye, and he found his birch, now a smoldering bundle of twigs, still tied with the ribbon.


She gave a sexy shrug. “The fire was low. We needed kindling.”

He knelt at the hearth for a second to see if he could salvage his birch, then rose and met her sharp grin.
“Oh, you are going to regret that,” he said, and stalked to the bed to pull her across his lap.


Never trust a sub alone with a birch and an open fire! 😀 You guys are going to love Francesca, who submits to Sebastian even though she could eat him alive…

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#SatSpanks “Spare the Rod and Spoil the Quim”


Hey, Sats Spanks,

Here’s a scene from Rocky Mountain Ride, which I just turned in to the publisher. 😀 Lord James Sebastian Chivington the third introduces Francesca to the birch…


Implement of correction: the Birch


“This, my lady, is a birch. As a boy, I knew it well, though I must say a bundle of hazel rods made for a much nastier experience than these fine twigs. Of course, it’s meant to chastise but not permanently mar your flesh.”

He stepped behind her and drew up her heavy black skirts, flipping up each layer until he found her drawers and peeled those down. Francesca’s face burned and she wriggled in her bonds at the humiliating circumstances.

The loathsome man let out a low whistle. “And what lovely, lovely flesh it is.”



Inspiration for Sebastian

Sebastian could hardly believe his eyes. He could tell by her face his mystery lady was young and fresh, but he’d never seen such a perfect pair of buttocks. Smooth and framed by the black skirts and stockings north to south, and bright white seamless drawers east to west, were a pair of two caramel lobes, by far the loveliest thing he’d ever seen.
He’d prided himself on being all business up until that point, picking the twigs and stripping them of leaves, making sure they were smooth so they would stripe, but not cut her skin. But he couldn’t keep from brushing a reverent hand over her quivering flesh, admiring the delicious plumpness, ripe and ready for a man’s worshiping tongue or a pillowy welcome for a nice hard prick pounding into her back entrance.

Steady, Sebastian. Patience, temperance and self control was key. Too bad he didn’t know the lady well enough to reward her with a thorough tongue lashing once she’d suffered through a round with the rod. He always found a woman’s quim to be even more accepting when warmed with a spot of discipline.

Her bottom was going to be more than a little hot once he was done.

“As I said before, I was birched as a boy,” Sebastian went on talking as if he’d met the lady for casual conversation over tea, not in the middle of the Colorado wilderness about to lay a bundle of pain onto a lovely lady’s ass. “Hurts like the dickens but gets the point across. Or points, in this case. In this session, you’ll be learning how to behave. For the rest of the time we are acquainted there is to be no running, no scratching, no biting, and no kicking. Or shooting, for that matter. If you don’t learn after one session, I’ll be sure to pack this birch and keep it on hand for another.

It’s hard work on my part, I know,” he waxed on sarcastically. “But, ‘spare the rod and spoil the quim’ is what I always say.”


Francesca 2

Inspiration for Francesca

Every muscle in her body tensed as Francesca waited for the first lash to fall. Grinding her teeth into the gag, she tried to communicate with her eyes: If you’re going to punish me, get on with it.

The blonde seemed to understand, for he nodded once and stepped behind her again, and laid the birch across her buttocks.

Her breath left in a rush, and despite her vow not to cry, tears sprang into her eyes. The bundle of twigs felt like a thousand tiny whips, covering most of her poor exposed rear. Her bottom cheeks clenched and unclenched as if they could drive away the pain.

“That’s one,” her blond captor said. She registered his lazy drawl even as her thoughts were still swimming through the pain. Bastard. He was enjoying this.RockyMountainRide_big


#SatSpanks Rocky Mountain Wild

OTK Sat Spanks-dusty rose

“Very nice,” he purred, and she knew she was wet for him. Every spanking, no matter how harsh, left her aching in more ways than one. “Your punishment is a spanking and then a plug in your naughty hole.”


“You’re lucky I don’t put you straight to bed without any supper. Instead, you’ll enjoy a nice, easy afternoon off, with your bottom hole getting stretched for me.” His fingers drifted between her legs again, making her suck in her breath.

“Soaked.” He chuckled, and she closed her eyes at how obvious her arousal was at just the thought of him playing with her bum.

“Spread your legs, Phoebe. I want to see your cunny turn pink as I turn your bottom cheeks red.” She obeyed, and felt him push her skirts up higher. His hand smacked down, covering most of one cheek. With a little grunt, she shifted on his knees. He wasn’t using full force, but it was enough for her to know this wasn’t going to be a pleasurable spanking. A pause, and Phoebe could imagine him admiring the sight of his handprint on her pale skin before he added its twin on her other cheek.

Calum painted her bottom with hand prints, ten on each cheek before he started massaging away the subtle soreness. Her spankings were never meant to hurt her, only remind  her who was in control. From the wet slicking down her thighs, Phoebe knew he could tell she liked it when her husband was in control. As usual, a warm glow spread through her, fueling her submissive side. She felt small and cared for, even loved. It didn’t make sense to her that a smack on her bottom awoke those feelings, but it did.

Rocky Mountain Wild

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#SatSpanks Naughty Phoebes get punished

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Happy Saturday! Today I share from my upcoming release: Rocky Mountain Wild Book 6! After writing badass Jesse in Rocky Mountain Rogue, I needed a sweet hero, and I found that in Calum MacDonnell (who has appearances is Rocky Mountain Romp and Rogue, books 4 & 5). I thought I’d be done writing this series after 5, but I just can’t get enough of this world!


Inspiration for Calum

So here’s Calum and his wee Phoebe…a young woman with a club foot who comes to Royal, Colorado to start anew…and finds a fierce ally and protector in her Scottish husband.

He also likes coddling her, treating her like a ‘wee bairn’, bathing and feeding and washing her. And when she’s bad…well, he repeats his favorite phrase…


He crossed his arms over his great chest in a menacing pose, but there was a smile lurking in the corner of his mouth. Her breath came in pants as she stared up at him. She’d poked the bear, and now she’d just have to face the consequences. 

If only he didn’t look so pleased about it.

Reaching down, he took her hand and pulled her close to him.

“Naughty Phoebe’s get their bottoms punished inside and out,” he repeated what seemed


Inspiration for Phoebe

to be his favorite phrase. His big hands cupped her bottom and kneaded the two fleshy globes. Despite herself, she leaned against him and moaned at the sensation. His touch on her bottom seemed to go straight to her cunny, which clenched expectantly.

He chuckled. “Feel good?”

She pressed her face to his chest, not wanting to answer. A few weeks ago, she couldn’t have imagined being touched so intimately, especially not by a big, handsome Scot who cooed her name as he stroked her skin. And now his fingers bit into the crevice of her bottom and she was quivering inside; he had trained her well.


Rocky Mountain Wild

Coming March 20th 2016!


#SatSpanks Rocky Mountain Wild

New release coming March 20th! Anyone want a sexy Scottish daddy dom? Read on…

OTK Sat Spanks-dusty rose


“You like spanking me,” she accused.

“I do that, lass,” he admitted with a little chuckle. “I do like turning your cheeks pink. But I don’t want to give you more pain than you can take.”

His hands rubbed her bottom, massaging a soothing balm into the cheeks. Despite herself, she relaxed at the soothing massage. His hands were perfect; they knew just where to squeeze and caress.

“Let go, little one. You don’t have to carry it all alone anymore.”



Phoebe Wilson has had a hard life. On her own from a young age, and cursed with a club foot, she answers an ad to work for Scottish homesteader Calum MacDonnell, thinking to prove herself with work. What she doesn’t expect is a fierce mountain man, lonely and wild, with a soft side. Even more surprising is when he takes it on himself to protect her from her past, and care for her. Calum insists on treating her like a little child, feeding and bathing her and coddling her like a little girl, and disciplining her when she puts herself in harm’s way.

But as winter comes, the threat from Phoebe’s past closes in and Calum’s own demons surface. Can their love for each other win in the end? Is Phoebe strong enough to let Calum care for her as his wee one?

Read the first few pages here…

Rocky Mountain Wild

Coming March 20th!