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The Rocky Mountain Bride Series



Mail order brides meet the Wild West, and the 1860s town of Royal, Colorado will never be the same again! Set at the foot of the Rocky Mountains, this series stars courageous pioneer women and the handsome husbands who discipline them.

In Rocky Mountain Dawn, meet Esther and Johnathan, a couple who marry so they can move West. Through the rough journey from Boston to Colorado Territory, they learn to work together and love each other.

Rocky Mountain Bride: Carrie is on the run from her past. Miles needs a wife. One letter sparks a romance that blazes like a brushfire. But when trouble threatens marital bliss, will Carrie run again?

In Rocky Mountain Rose, Lyle Wilder fulfills a promise he made to his dying wife: to find and rescue her younger sister Rose. Tall and feisty, redhead Rose has grown into a beautiful mountain bloom with her own show as a dancing girl, and she’s not too happy when Lyle struts into her saloon to “save her.” But then she becomes the target of a very dangerous man–and must rely on her newfound hero. Will Rose fight the ties that bind or can she learn to trust again?

Rocky Mountain Romp: A Christmas in the Rockies. Brides Esther, Carrie and Rose have settled happily with their rugged frontier husbands. One task remains: to spread the marital bliss. What better target than the shy shopkeeper, Mr. Martin? Without his knowledge they answer an ad for a husband placed by an enterprising widow. On Christmas Eve the plot comes to light in a shocking way. With the help of a swift spanking, they wives all learn not to meddle, though that doesn’t stop them from scheming on how to marry off wild Jesse, Lyle’s younger, troublesome brother.

In Rocky Mountain Rogue, Jesse Wilder meets his match in a proper schoolteacher from Boston. She’s answered an ad to marry a fine Colorado gentleman, but on the way West her stagecoach is robbed by a rakish masked bandit. She reaches her destination safely and marries the handsome Jesse, only to realize later why he looks so familiar…
Can true love tame a villain?


Rocky Mountain Wild: Scottish trapper Calum MacDonnell claims his “wee one” in this “…a story of forever love and unspeakable loss, of hope and sorrow, of mending what’s broken…and learning to fly again.” – 5 star review by Once Click Chicks


Rocky Mountain Ride: British lord tames a feisty widow rancher.

#Wipitup Wednesday: Rogue: Part 3

Well,  Wipsters, I’m back with part three from Rocky Mountain Rogue. Read part 1 and part 2 first if you like…

Rocky Mountain Rogue

Can true love tame a rogue?


“This will teach you to mind, little lady.”

The blonde growled in frustration, writhing with all her might, and Jesse redoubled his efforts, spanking her until she settled down. Her bottom cheeks warmed to a delicious red before he stopped.

victorian spanking

“That should do it, for now. I pity the man that takes you in hand for the rest of your life.”

He gave her a final smack and tipped her off his lap. She settled on her knees before him, glaring up at him with her dress almost sliding off her shoulders, and angry tears coursing down her beautiful face.

“Stay,” he ordered, like she was a dog, and left her kneeling in the dust.

Raising his rifle, he ordered the driver down, and held it on the man, forcing him to carry most of the luggage out into a big pile, until Jesse found the big black box he was looking for: Doyle’s safe.

“Just one thing and I’ll be on my way,” Jesse said cheerfully. He tried picking the lock first, then swapped his rifle for a pistol and took aim. The shot did nothing but make the horses nervous, and both driver and the woman wince.

Grim, Jesse went to his saddlebags, and drew out the stick of dynamite. Halfway through rigging it, Jesse heard a shout.

How I picture Jesse

How I picture Jesse

“Wait!” Hands still bound, the woman struggled to her feet, her neckline flapping. Jesse put his hand on his pistol, but didn’t point it at her, even as she rushed at him desperately, her body half bent, her cleavage in serious danger of being exposed.
“Not my trousseau,” she shrieked.

“Whoa, little lady.” Jesse caught the little miss around the waist when she would rush past him to the luggage, and held her against him.

“Please don’t harm my luggage. It’s all I have.” She looked up at him with eloquent eyes, but it was her body pressed against him that persuaded him.

Jesse grinned down her, noting how, with her corset loosened, she was curved in all the right places. With a gentle hand, he pulled her neckline into place. “Since you ask so nicely, I suppose I could let it alone. Kneel back down, sweetheart.”

With a little sob, she did as he said and he felt himself harden further. He liked giving orders to this little wildcat, and watching her turn sweet as a kitten when she wanted something from him. He especially liked it when she was kneeling, her head at just the right height for other entertainment.
Pointing his rifle, he guided the driver to separate the safe from all the other bags, then directed both his captives to stand back while he lit the fuse. The trunk blew open, scraps of paper flying about as Jesse stepped forward to take his treasure. He stacked the gold bars into two saddlebags, and weighted Jordan equally.

Turning to the open-mouthed driver, he tipped his hat at the man. “Much obliged.”

“Do you know who you’ve robbed?” The driver asked. “Silas Doyle, the most dangerous man in the whole territory. His men ride with the Royal Mountain Gang.”

Cowboy on horseback

Cowboy on horseback

“You must be sure to pass on my thanks to him for sending you right past my stakeout. Take care next time you pass through here. There are some really awful men about.”

He stalked back to his horse, but couldn’t resist detouring near the little lady and offering her a hand up.
Her pretty eyes shot bullets at him, but she allowed him to help her to her feet. As he straightened, he noticed her staring at his ungloved hand and the burn scar marring the skin.

Cursing himself for his carelessness, he cast about for his glove and pulled it on. This was supposed to be a clean job: fly in, rob Doyle and worry his men, and ride off. He didn’t have time to tussle in the dirt with a pretty, brave—if petty and misguided—piece of calico.

Still, he couldn’t resist stepping closer to the little chit again and brushing a strand of blond hair off her cheek.

“It’s been a pleasure, my beauty, but all too soon we are parted.” The little baggage was growing on him, he decided.

Her features looked somewhat familiar to him, even twisted with hate.

susannah beauty

Her features looked somewhat familiar to him…

“I hope they catch you,” she spat. “Then you’ll hang.”

Gripping either arm, he pulled her close, until he could scent the lavender perfume she wore. Her bound hands pushed at his chest, frantic and ineffective, but her face tilted up to look at him enticingly. He bent his head close, so his lips almost touched hers. “Till we meet again, baggage.” For a second, her sweet breath warmed his lips, and he was almost tempted to take her mouth, then throw her up over Jordan and ride off.

Instead, he set her away, pleased when she made a little sigh of disappointment. Seems he made an impression on the little baggage.

“Enjoy the rest of your trip,” he smirked, before turning on his heel, mounting his horse, and riding away.

In Rocky Mountain Rogue, Jesse Wilder meets his match in a proper schoolteacher from Boston. Susannah Moore has answered an ad to marry a fine Colorado gentleman, but on the way West her stagecoach is robbed by a rakish masked bandit. She reaches her destination safely and marries the handsome Jesse, only to realize later why he looks so familiar…
Can true love tame a villain?



Hope you enjoyed the first few pages of Rocky Mountain Rogue! It’s due out on February 11th…in the meantime, stay tuned to the blog… 😀