May I present Pearl’s Possession

Today, I have a new release! Read on for a letter of introduction, a blurb, and an excerpt!
Pearl's Possesion (1)
I’m so excited to present Pearl’s Possession, a menage addition to the fantastic Red Petticoat series.  The first thing you should know is that this book has way, way too much sex in it.

I’m serious. Part of the reason I wrote it during my second trimester of pregnancy, when the hormones were just raging.

The other reason is that I wanted to write a menage romance–one woman, multiple men. Menage appeals to me–you can take the facets of a perfect man and separate them out. You like blonds? Brunettes? Hard doms and sweet daddies? Someone to whip you and someone to cuddle? You can have it all.
Besides, twice the men means twice the orgasms…
The thing is, I overdid it. Pearl gets possessed (read: fucked) by not one, not two, but FIVE men. Individually, in pairs, three at a time–every combination you can think of. Plus spankings, anal play, forced orgasms, servile submission, and rope play…
Did I mention that I was really horny?
I loved writing the very different personalities of Pearl’s five lovers: some sweet, some dominant, all of them hot and totally intent on possessing–and being possessed by–their Pearl. I had so much fun writing them I finished the book in record time and sent it off to friends for their feedback. Their verdict: the book has way, way too much sex.
But I’ll leave it to you to decide. 😉
Happy Reading! 😀


Five husbands; one Possessed Pearl.

When Pearl starts working as a gem at The Red Petticoat saloon, she knows she’s found the place where she belongs. After all, her husband cast her out for being too lusty of a wife. She quickly comes to enjoy her clients, especially her five constant regulars, so much so, that when one of her regulars proposes marriage, she declines. How can one man satisfy her?

Things change when all five of her regulars come to her with a marriage proposal—live with them as a bride to five 5 cowboyshusbands.

Can Pearl face her fear of marriage and allow herself to be claimed by not one man, but five?

Disclaimer: This book contains the spanking of adult women and explicit sexual scenes including multiple partners and anal play.

“Are you wet now?” Cash asked in a tone that warned me to tell the truth.
“Yes,” I whispered, my cheeks staining with shame. Sitting in Cash’s lap, two men’s hands stroking up and down my legs, I was primed and ready for a long, hard fuck.
“If I told you we were going to tie you up, and use you the way we did that first night, would that excite you?”
My throat clogged before I could answer, but he added, “Be honest, Pearl, or I’ll turn you over my knee right now and spank you.”
“Yes,” I croaked, and a ripple of excitement ran around the room.  
“Good girl.”
My nipples hardened at the command in his voice. Through my thin shift, Cash could see evidence of my arousal, and nodded thoughtfully. Lifting my foot, Samson nipped at my ankle. My cunny grew slick with my juices.
“We want you to say yes, Pearl.”
“You’ll spend the night with us,” Cash said. He cupped my chin so he was sure of my attention. Of course, I would’ve agreed to anything at that point.  
“We’ll have one last night to enjoy your body and give you pleasure. If you truly don’t want us, we’ll take you back.” His voice deepened. “Of course, we’ll know if you’re lying. And lying means you’ll be punished.” 

#SatSpanks One woman…five husbands

Pearl's Possesion (1)

Pearl agrees to marry and love 5 men on their California ranch. As their new bride, she institutes bath day, and personally oversees their washing, one at a time. Then it’s her turn…


“We want you,” he said, pulling me against him. “We always want you.” His mouth took mine; I felt a thrill at making my usually reserved husband lose control. His fingers trailed up my inner thigh, touching my lower lips. I sighed and parted my legs.

Distracted, I didn’t realize the bedroom door had opened until someone lifted me from behind.

“Your turn, lass,” I heard Brock. He picked me up and I cried out at the loss between my legs. I had been close. Frustrated, I tried to kick, and Jonas and Orion caught my legs, grinning. Brock held me firm, hands secured behind my back as the other two spread my legs.

“What are you doing? Let me go.”

I saw Samson approach with a bucket of water and started struggling madly.

“I’ve already had my bath!”

“We know,” Jonas smirked. “We’re getting you dirty, then clean, over and over again.” Brock lifted up my bottom, presenting my pussy to Samson. The big man came closer and tipped the bucket.

“Oh, no.” I thrashed in their hold, and Jonas and Orion tightened their grip. The stream of water washed right over my pussy, rushing over my little pearl. I cried out; the sensation was overwhelming, yet not forceful enough to make me cum.

After the last little bit trickled out, Samson put down the bucket. “Did she cum?”

“Not yet. Again,” Brock said.

I yelped and pleaded, but it was no use. They poured warm water over my center and again I writhed as the pleasure flickered just out of reach. Samson held the bucket higher and higher, so the water fell with more force, and I panted as my pussy clenched. It was like being raped by a waterfall.

“Please,” I begged when the final drops fell. “I need to cum.”

“How do you think we felt, lass? Being touched all over by your beautiful self, and then sent out of the room, hard and wanting?” That was a part of my plan I hadn’t thought through.

“I was just trying to serve you. Please!”

“Next time, you end each of our baths on your knees,” Orion said. Jonas now held both my legs and the blond came to pluck at my nipples, a wicked look on his face.

“You’ll serve us, aye. Over and over again, or you won’t get to cum,” Brock growled in my ear, then licked and sucked at the lobe. I panted and moaned as they stimulated every part of my body but the one part I wished they’d touch.

“Cash,” I called to the only one not taking part in my torment. “Please.”

“No, Pearl. You wanted us clean, you got it. Now we use you for our pleasure.”

They lay me down on the bed, face up but so my head hung over the foot of the bed. Two cocks presented themselves on either side and I stroked them off.

“That’s right, lass. The sooner we cum, the sooner you can.”

Upside down, I watched Orion move closer, his member dangling in my face. I let my mouth fall open and took him in. We delighted in this position since we’d found I could take all of him this way. Pumping in and out of my mouth, Orion took the opportunity to tug my nipples, sometimes pinching them until I moaned. The pain drove me to greater heights of arousal, and I moved my hands faster, frantic to make my men climax. My tongue moved around Orion’s shaft, encouraging him as he sped up his thrusts. He came first, and I took turns with the other two, turning my head this way and that, licking the crowns of Jonas’ and then Brock’s shafts. Gripping my hair, one slammed all the way into my mouth until my vision was filled with dark curls. I drank Jonas’ cum, and then serviced Brock the same way.

With a final pinch for my poor nipples, they moved away, and Cash took their place. It seems I was going to pay for my earlier teasing. I felt a warm mouth at my entrance and looked down. Samson had made himself comfortable on the bed, and blew hot air onto my pussy before covering it with his whole mouth, as if he would devour me whole. I cried out as his tongue flicked my pearl, then withdrew.

“Suck,” Cash ordered, his member brushing my face, and I obeyed. Samson was quick with my reward, lapping at my juicy cunt until I moaned around Cash’s cock. A command from Cash, and Samson stopped as the man at my mouth withdrew. I stared up at Cash, puzzled, until he repeated it.

“Up, Pearl. On all fours.” I scrambled to get into position. Once I was there, Cash presented his cock to my lips. I rubbed my face over it, desperate and begging, before opening my mouth to engulf him.

“Brace yourself,” Cash murmured, stilling for a second while Samson speared me with his awesome rod. The groan I gave must have sent tremors up and down Cash’ cock, for he lost it. Throwing back his head, Cash cursed as he came deep in my throat. Samson slammed into me again and I fell forward onto the bed. Hands helped me up, turned me around and helped me sink down on the giant prick.

“Hello, pretty Pearlie.” My big man grinned. Melting into his chest, I kissed him, feeling my body cramp as it stretched around him. He always felt bigger when I rode him.

“Tired?” He looked concerned, so I pushed up and shook my head.

“I want you.” The pleasure flashing across his face was the most beautiful sight in the world. I felt a hand on my waist, forcing me back down. Jonas’ curly chest hair brushed my back as he leaned over me, sliding his cock into my ass.

I groaned. “So full.”

Orion was at my mouth again, then leaving to take his turn in my ass. I grunted as his long prick speared me, but I was stretched and ready. I almost hated the way a cock felt in my ass— hated and craved it. Samson finished deep inside me and I hurtled over the edge, more stimulated than I’d ever been in my life. Brock took his turn in my mouth. He and Orion sawed in and out of me, finding a smooth rhythm. More hands brushed my breasts and sides.

“You’re so beautiful, lass. We love watching ye move between us,” Brock whispered.

“Next time, we will make you kneel down and service us, and we will paint your body with our seed,” Orion said.

“Would you like that, Pearl?” The thought made me weak, and, as long fingers flicked my overstimulated clit, I started shaking. The men sped up their motions. By the time they’d sated themselves, I was a hot, sweaty mess. Cum trickled out of my pussy and ass. My whole body felt deliciously sore. I flopped onto the bed, smiling, but so tired.

The last thing I heard was Brock chuckling. “She needs a bath.”

***

#WIPitup Pearl plays with her men….



WIP it up! This week I have an excerpt from Pearl’s Possession, my addition to the Red Petticoat series, coming June 15th. A brothel worker who loves sex, Pearl is kidnapped by 5 of her regular customers to be their shared bride… Pearl's Possesion (1)


“You planned this, from the beginning,” I said. “Yes, Pearl,” Cash said. “As soon as we spent that night with you, we knew you would be ours.”
“You came to me every week. Or almost every week.”

“Aye,” Brock answered in his brogue. “It was quite a journey, and I couldnae do it every time, but we all wanted to see you, and court you one on one.”

“I don’t understand.” How could five men want one woman?

“You will,” Cash said, and I shivered with the promise. These men were not going to take no for an answer.

Samson and Brock kissed me and left my side, only to be replaced by Jonas and Orion. My men were all about the same age, I would say Cash was the oldest, Jonas the youngest. Orion the second youngest, perhaps, then Brock and Samson.

Jonas and Orion couldn’t be more different, one tanned and the other fair, but they both had a boyish gleam in their eye.

“Take this off,” Jonas said, and with two extra pairs of hands I was quickly naked. Orion smacked my bum lightly.

“Up,” he ordered, and I took my usual place on hands and knees, this time right over Orion’s crotch as he positioned himself on his back. His trousers were pulled down and cock already out. Licking my lips, I bent my head, only to lurch forward when the wagon hit a bump.

“Maybe not with your mouth, sweet one,” Orion whispered, disappointed.

“Here.” Jonas handed him a jar of ointment. With a wicked smile, Orion teased and tormented my hanging breasts, coating them with lubricant. Then he had me crouch down, practically kissing his chest, and squeeze his long cock between my breasts. I bounced up and down like that as best I could—at least, the wagon bounced me even if I held still.

Orion was tensing and thrusting his hips into the crevice of my breasts when I felt Jonas slip a slick digit into my bum. And just like that, I was more hot and bothered then I had ever been. I started moaning like crazy, and clenching around the invading probe in my ass.

“No, Pearl,” Jonas took out his finger and smacked my bottom hard. “You may not cum.” Shocked that I had been about to lose control from just a finger in my bottom, I turned my attention back to pleasuring Orion. Sticking out my tongue, I got a few licks onto the head of his cock before he spurted up into my face. Wiping his seed from my skin I tasted it and got another moan from him. Behind me, Jonas was rubbing himself off furiously.

Lowering my front to lick up more seed from Orion’s taut stomach, I let my ass sway in a sexy dance just for him. I might be apprehensive about the situation, but I was still my gem self—wanton and filled with whorish desire.

During sex could I let myself go.

“Reach back and hold open your ass,” Jonas ordered.

Confused, I hesitated, but Orion knew what to do. He guided my hands back. “Grab your cheeks and show him your cute little bum hole.”

My face nestled just above Orion’s crotch, I gripped a fleshy globe in either hand and showed Jonas his favorite part of my body. Jonas started gasping and I felt his seed paint my back. He cursed over and over again.

“Good Pearl,” Orion whispered, collecting my hair back from my face.

Nuzzling his belly, I kissed his lean muscles, lapping up the rest of his cum.

That’s how Cash found us, Orion on his back and Jonas kneeling behind me, my face and back glistening with their cum. “My god, Pearl. You’re perfect for us.”


Pearl’s Possession

Welcome Spankos!

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Today you get an excerpt from Pearl’s Possession, part of the Red Petticoat series and due out June 15th.  Pearl is a brothel worker who’s kidnapped by five of her regulars to be their shared wife.

That’s right…five men, one woman.  I wrote this book in the second trimester of pregnancy when the hormones were raging. It has way, way too much sex in it, not to mention domination and discipline…


Cash lifted the paddle from the table. “Six, I think. Just enough to introduce her to it, but not enough to bruise her.”

“Legs apart, Pearl. Point your toes in,” Orion said, and I positioned myself in a way kept me from tightening my muscles, and showed off my charms to all my men.  

Someone touched the paddle to my nates and I whimpered. “Shhh, it’s all right.” Cash leaned close to me, brushing my hair away from my face.

“Don’t be frightened. You like it when I take control, don’t you?” I nodded against the table. “This will please me. Bent over, your husbands can see every beautiful part of you. Brock and Jonas are excited to see your bottom turn pink. And Samson has promised for every stroke, you will receive an equal lick of pleasure. Would you like that?”

“Yes, sir,” I sighed. Staring into his dark eyes, I felt myself sink into sweet submission. My men would take care of me.  

Cash stayed close, stroking my back. “You asked me what I enjoy most about you. It is this. The way you give over all control. It’s a beautiful gift,” he finished on a whisper.

Closing my eyes, I craned my neck and kissed him, my soft lips silently telling him I understood.

“Sweet Pearl.” He stood. “Time to take your punishment. And remember,” he said in that stern voice that made my insides clench. “This is what happens to naughty wives who touch themselves without their husband’s permission. We own you, Pearl, pain and pleasure.”