The Rocky Mountain Bride Series



Mail order brides meet the Wild West, and the 1860s town of Royal, Colorado will never be the same again! Set at the foot of the Rocky Mountains, this series stars courageous pioneer women and the handsome husbands who discipline them.

In Rocky Mountain Dawn, meet Esther and Johnathan, a couple who marry so they can move West. Through the rough journey from Boston to Colorado Territory, they learn to work together and love each other.

Rocky Mountain Bride: Carrie is on the run from her past. Miles needs a wife. One letter sparks a romance that blazes like a brushfire. But when trouble threatens marital bliss, will Carrie run again?

In Rocky Mountain Rose, Lyle Wilder fulfills a promise he made to his dying wife: to find and rescue her younger sister Rose. Tall and feisty, redhead Rose has grown into a beautiful mountain bloom with her own show as a dancing girl, and she’s not too happy when Lyle struts into her saloon to “save her.” But then she becomes the target of a very dangerous man–and must rely on her newfound hero. Will Rose fight the ties that bind or can she learn to trust again?

Rocky Mountain Romp: A Christmas in the Rockies. Brides Esther, Carrie and Rose have settled happily with their rugged frontier husbands. One task remains: to spread the marital bliss. What better target than the shy shopkeeper, Mr. Martin? Without his knowledge they answer an ad for a husband placed by an enterprising widow. On Christmas Eve the plot comes to light in a shocking way. With the help of a swift spanking, they wives all learn not to meddle, though that doesn’t stop them from scheming on how to marry off wild Jesse, Lyle’s younger, troublesome brother.

In Rocky Mountain Rogue, Jesse Wilder meets his match in a proper schoolteacher from Boston. She’s answered an ad to marry a fine Colorado gentleman, but on the way West her stagecoach is robbed by a rakish masked bandit. She reaches her destination safely and marries the handsome Jesse, only to realize later why he looks so familiar…
Can true love tame a villain?


Rocky Mountain Wild: Scottish trapper Calum MacDonnell claims his “wee one” in this “…a story of forever love and unspeakable loss, of hope and sorrow, of mending what’s broken…and learning to fly again.” – 5 star review by Once Click Chicks


Rocky Mountain Ride: British lord tames a feisty widow rancher.

Rescuing Regina – Sneak Peek

In this excerpt, our fearless heroine is testing the limits of the sexy sheriff’s ultimatum: submit or go to jail.


Cole’s heat hit my back as he crowded me to the counter.

“Lesson one,” he breathed into my ear, and every nerve in my body got thrill. “You do as ordered, without complaining.”

“But I’m so good at it,” I complained. “Snark is my life. I eat sarcasm for breakfast.”

“I know.” His body pressed against mine, forcing me to lean over the sink. “Put your hands on the counter.”

I did, gripping the edge of the sink so he wouldn’t see how they shook with excitement.

“You’re going to learn to behave, if I have to beat it into you.” He used his feet to urge mine apart.

“You’re spanking me because I whined?”

“No.” His whisper tickled my ear. “I’m spanking you because I can.” He pulled my hips back and folded my nightshirt up.

“Push your bottom out. I want a good target.” I did, now as excited as he sounded. My pussy was liable to drip on the floor.

A giddy feeling swept through me. “Point your toes in. You won’t be able to clench your bottom.”

“Does that make it hurt more?” I asked. Trust Cole to study this sort of thing.

The first blow rocked me forward onto my hands. I sucked in a breath. That hurt more than the last two spankings he’d given me.

“You tell me.”

He continued peppering my bottom. I breathed through it, my eyes watering. Still, being disciplined by a hot guy beat going to lock up any day.

He finished, squeezing my bottom. The rough massage cut the sting in half. My own hands itched to clutch my bottom.

“Now go stand the corner. Nose to the wall and use both hands to hold up your shirt.”

The fresh pain warned me to obey. As I stared at the wall, I heard him move around the room behind me.

This was crazy. I was standing in the corner with my red ass on display like a child caught with her hand in the cookie jar, while Cole sat at the kitchen table and watched. I wasn’t sure what was worse–the pain or the humiliation.

My pussy was so very wet.



Rescuing Regina – Get your copy today!

#SatSpanks “Call me sir”

This Saturday I’m bringing you more from Rocky Mountain Rogue: 209 pages of bad boy lovin’…and spankings!


“Spread your legs,” he said hoarsely.

She obeyed, and he rewarded her with soft touches up and down the slippery folds.  

“You’ll like it,” he whispered. “Maybe not all of it, maybe not right away, but you’ll feel good. I’m going to take care of you.”

“All right,” she whispered back. His hand stroked over her bottom, squeezing one fleshy globe and then the other.  Then he smacked her.

“When I’m disciplining you, the correct answer is ‘yes, sir.’ Do you understand?” For a moment, she couldn’t think.  He smacked her bottom again, the opposite cheek. “What do you say, Susannah?”

Face to bedspread, she hesitated. He kept spanking her, peppering her bottom with hearty smacks, laying them on one cheek and then the other, angling his hand so he hit upper, lower and either side of her cheeks.  

“I can do this as long as it takes for you to learn.” His hand caught her bottom from below and she gasped, surging forward. He did it again, left and right cheek, on the underside of her bottom, close to her pussy.

“You will submit and call me ‘sir.'” His hand let loose a flurry of smaller swats, like stinging nettles on her bum.  She squeaked something out, and he paused.

“What was that, Susannah?”

Gulping, she repeated, “Yes, sir.”

“Good girl.” His large hand cupped her buttocks, kneading the flesh. It felt so good, she sighed and melted into the bed.


Rocky Mountain Rogue


On her way to marry a man she’s never met, Susannah’s stagecoach is robbed by a tall, dark-haired outlaw. When she tries to stop him, her struggles only lead to a humiliating bare-bottom spanking at his hands. Eventually, he lets her go, but she can’t stop thinking of him, even dreaming about him right up to her wedding day.

In fact, her new groom looks a lot like the black-haired rogue…

Jesse Oberon Wilder made a bet with his brother that he could marry by summer. That gives him enough time to carry out his plan to destroy the man who’s threatened his family. But when his plans lead him to rob his mail order bride’s stagecoach, he realizes that not everything can be solved by riding a horse or shooting a gun.

Will Jesse’s plans of revenge cost him the woman of his dreams? Or can true love tame a rogue?

This stand-alone book is set in the 1860s Wild West and contains domestic discipline scenes, including over-the-knee spankings with a hand and a quirt.

The Rocky Mountain Bride Series follows the lives of mail order brides and the strong frontier men who take them in hand.

*** Click here to check out 209 more pages of rogue lovin’…and spanking! ***

OTK Sat Spanks-dusty rose

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#ScintillatingSunday: Susannah & the Quirt


This #ScintillatingSunday showcases bits from 3 scenes in Rocky Mountain Rogue starring a quirt, Susannah, and her rogue 😀


“What’s this?” Susannah touched a wicked looking length of braided leather, about two feet long with two little strips hanging off the end.

“That’s a type of whip vaqueros use.”


“Ranchers. I worked for a few in Texas.”

She touched the long braid with a delicate finger. “You use this on cattle?”

“Not this one.” Jesse gave a wicked grin. “The ones I used on cattle were longer and heavier.”

“Then, what do you use this for?”

When he chuckled, she looked up in confusion. “Some ladies prefer a little…added stimulation in their bedroom. I like to oblige.”

“Added stimulation…” Susannah’s forehead wrinkled for a second, and she wondered at the devilish glint in his eye. He winked at her and realization dawned. “Oh. Oh my.” She dropped the quirt, dancing back from it as if the coiled leather was a snake.


“What do you want?”

“You,” she breathed. “I want you.”

“You want me to cum on you? Paint your face with my seed?”

“Whatever you want.” He groaned, his hand working harder. “Tilt your head back, offer your breasts to me. Don’t stop touching yourself.”

“Are you close?”

“Yes,” she gasped.

“Pinch your breasts again, with one hand. Keep rubbing.” Her fingers tortured her nipples, sending explosions through her body.

“You like that?” he asked with narrowed eyes. “You like the pain?”

“Yes.” She’d never realized it before, but there was pleasure mixed with pain, a razor’s edge.
“Do you need it?”

“I need it. Please, I need it.”

“One day I’ll tie you up, and have my way with you. You’ll be hot and begging, and I’ll spank you red, then use the quirt to make you cum. You want that?”

She could barely speak her assent, but she had never wanted anything more. His words awakened a new world in her. Her fingers moved frantically under her skirts, her whole body starting to shake as she tipped over the edge.


 “I’m going to whip you now.” His hands were everywhere, rubbing her back and arms, sliding down her sides to frame her heated bottom, then down her legs.

Out of the corner of her eye, she saw him lift the quirt. She didn’t feel any fear, though, only anticipation, sweet on her tongue, heavy between her breasts and thighs.

“I won’t be too harsh. I don’t want to damage you.”

“I know,” she whispered, and shivered as he drew down his hand from neck to thigh, pausing every so often to massage her flesh.

“I would never do anything to mar this perfection.”


Rocky Mountain Rogue

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