Bonded to the Berserkers (sneak peek)





The first scream came from the dormitory. It was loud and clear, ringing through the kitchen where I stood with my arms elbow-deep in soapy water.

“Curses,” I muttered, grabbing a cloth to dry my hands. Who was awake and shouting at this late hour? Which one of the orphans had cried out? We all knew to stay quiet, even when being punished.

Sage rushed in from the back hall. She was my age, but small and frail, and much too thin.

“What is it? What is happening?” I asked.

“Somebody cried out,” she said. “One of the girls must be having a nightmare.”

That couldn’t be it. No orphan would dare. Sage’s creased forehead told me she shared my thoughts.

Footsteps stomped up the hall—the friar coming to investigate. He would be angry at being disturbed. I’d drugged his draught that night, but obviously not enough.

Out of habit, I grabbed the mead jug, ready to refill his cup and placate him.

Another shriek rang out.

“What’s going on?” the friar roared from beyond the inner door. Sage shot forward, passing through the kitchen to hasten outside. I didn’t blame her. The friar would want answers, and while he treated me well enough—I was the only one who could make his favorite meals—Sage often bore the brunt of his rage.

Still, I backed into the corner. Maybe, in his haste, the friar wouldn’t see me, and Sage would also get away.

“Sage!” the friar entered the kitchen, to be greeted with another chorus of cries from the outside. Something was happening. Something was wrong.

Another scream from just beyond the door. This time, it sounded like Sage. The friar turned white.

“It’s happening,” he muttered.

“What?” I pushed away from the corner, grabbing the closest thing I could to use to defend myself—a pot. “What’s happening?”

But the friar turned and ran back the way he came, robes flying and sandals flapping.

The door to the outside banged open. But it was only Sage, backing away from the door, her face pale as the moon.

I gulped in a breath as a bearded giant entered the kitchen. He ducked through the doorway and rose up, taller than the tallest man I’d ever seen. Almost twice as tall as any orphan. He loomed over Sage, and then stepped aside, making room for his companion to slip inside. A massive grey wolf.

If this was a nightmare, we were all having it, all at once. My grip tightened on the pot.

“Please,” Sage said. “Do not hurt us.” She shook but stood her ground.

“No one will hurt them,” the warrior said, his voice a gravelly rumble.

“Leave them be,” Sage croaked.

The warrior advanced, the wolf stalking forward with him.

Sage glanced at me, and then away. She was so brave, and unwilling to give me up. The warrior had eyes for only her.

I had to help.

I inched from the corner, trying to get closer without attracting attention. More pots sat stacked on a shelf. If I threw the one I held, I could quickly grab another.

The warrior was talking to Sage, who looked as if she might faint. I didn’t catch what he said in his deep, growling voice.

“If you leave the others alone, I’ll come with you,” she answered. Brave, sweet Sage, always trying to save others, at the risk of herself. I wouldn’t let her be taken, not without giving her a chance of escape.

I took a deep breath.

The warrior gave up talking and reached for my friend.

I flung the pot as hard as I could.




Do you smell that? My warrior brother, Haakon, nudged me. We stood outside the abbey, waiting amid the ranks of the Berserkers to claim our prize. The woman we’d waited over a hundred years to find.

Our mate.

What do you smell? I asked, using the private link that connected his mind to mine.

A scent like… flowers. Blossoms.

I sniffed the air. The scent was spicy and pungent. But there was a hint of floral sweetness.

There, I pointed to a wing of the great stone building, at the foot of a tall tower. The scent comes from there.

But, Haakon nodded to the second half of the building, long and low with a few windows. The main sleeping area is there. That’s where most of the women are.

I grunted. As we watched, our Berserker brethren broke down the door of the building Haakon pointed at. The warriors rushed in to claim the precious treasure hidden inside.

“We must wait,” I told Haakon. “Thorbjorn ordered us to keep watch for any guards.”

“There are no guards. These fools don’t know what treasure they possess,” Haakon snorted. “They do not protect these women. We will take them, and keep them safe.”

Glass shattered outward, showering the dark lawn. Warriors leapt out of the dormitory through the windows, now carrying small white bundles in their arms. Spaewives. Women with a magic deep inside, magic that would break the Berserker curse. Some of them screamed, some cried, some cursed and fought. By the end of the night they’d all be claimed as Berserker brides.

“Enough waiting,” Haakon hooked his axe into his belt. “Let’s go.”

Following the floral scent, we ran forward to claim our mate.





The warrior struck down the pot, swatting it as easily as a gnat. I shrank back but he gave me barely a glance before returning his attention to Sage. The wolf barked.

I reached for another pot.

“Leave her alone,” I screamed, banging on the pot before I threw it. I grabbed up two more. I was fast running out of things to throw. Not that they did any good.

Sage shook awake and ran back down the hall. Frowning, the bearded warrior stalked after her. I swung a heavy cauldron and let it fly, hoping it’d hit his head.

Instead, it glanced off an axe, clanging to the ground and rolling harmlessly away. Two more warriors entered, crowding the small space.

“Go. I’ve got this one,” the new warrior who’d deflected my missile told the bearded one.

Run, Sage, I thought as the bearded warrior and wolf went after my friend. But then I turned my attention to the two warriors closing in on me.





This is the one. I told Ulf, using the private link between our minds. In the century we’d shared the bond, I’d never felt such a rush of triumph. The beast in my breast howled at the sight of the woman backed into the corner.

“Stay away,” the woman growled, as brave as any wolf. She caught up a pan and threw it. I jumped out of the way, and it hit Ulf, who cursed.

“Watch her, Ulf,” I laughed. “She’s a fighter.”

“I mean it,” she looked around in desperation, perhaps looking for another thing to throw.

She is our mate, I said silently to Ulf, who confirmed it with a nod. He kept his head turned, hiding his burn scars. Perhaps he didn’t want to scare her any more than she was.

Not that she seemed frightened. 

She was lovely, with dark hair, flushed cheeks, a bosom that jiggled enticingly. I had to pause and breath in her scent. Sweet as a mountain blossom, with a touch of spice and smoke. I took a deep breath and caught another, disgusting smell. Cabbage?

“Calm yourself, beautiful. You’re coming with us,” I told her. “But you have nothing to fear.”

Her chest heaved up and down. She wore a little dress, not much, just a thin. Did the holy man make her stand there in nothing but her night clothes? Did he like to look at her?

Jealousy gripped me. Ulf felt it, too. No one should look at our mate but us.

I took a step forward.

eyes darted around the room, looking for escape. She inched away from me, her bosom straining under the fabric of her shift. Such a nice bosom, two bountiful globes with dusky nipples pressing on the thin cloth. I could easily hold each breast in my hand, cupping their warm weight, soothing and teasing the nipples with my thumbs right before bending down and sucking the peaks into my mouth. Our beautiful mate would writhe and cry in pleasure. She’d try to stop me and I’d pin her arms—

Haakon, Ulf said. You’re distracted.

“Your home is under attack,” I told her bosom. “You cannot stay here. You will come with us and be safe.”

“Never,” she growled, fierce as a she wolf. She was lovely, our mate. Green eyes, black hair, and a bosom to make angels weep. To make holy men break their vows.

The beast within roared to life. It would not rest until she was marked as mine.

Haakon, you must not lose control.

“Come here,” I ordered her.

Instead, she looked to the left, to the giant cauldron sitting on the fire.

“Do not—” I began, but too late. She leapt onto the great hearth and kicked away the logs supporting the giant pot, yelping as sparks singed her bare feet.

“No,” Ulf thundered, as the cauldron tipped and gallons of stinking, steaming liquid gushed over the edge, splashing onto the floor.





I rushed from the hearth, sloshing through cabbage soup.  The warriors bellowed in my wake. If I got to the pantry, I could barricade myself in. There was food there, I could eat for days. I could hide.

Strong arms closed around my waist and swung me back.

“Got you,” a warrior said. I howled and kicked. Somehow my foot connected with the right place, and the warrior dropped me. I trembled as I backed away. He was fine-looking, with brown hair streaked with gold and tanned skin. Fierce, golden eyes. Strange eyes—like a wolf.

His gaze fell on my breasts, and I cursed the fact that I’d stripped off my dress. It was so hot in the kitchens, I liked to wear my shift when I knew I’d be alone.

“Come on, little fighter,” the handsome warrior coaxed. “It is not safe for you here. We came to rescue you.”

“What?” I half-sobbed. My feet throbbed from the hot broth. I slipped on the soup- covered flagstones and landed half on the hearth. Reaching towards the fire, I thought that if I got close enough, I could grab up a burning stick and rush them—

“Enough,” growled a second warrior, pulling me toward him. I froze. He was ugly, a harsh scar marring half his face. I recoiled and he growled again, and caught me in his arms.

“Stop, Ulf, you’re scaring her.” That came from the handsome one.

Ulf grunted and pushed me forward. “Take her, then, Haakon.”

Grinning like he’d won a prize, the handsome warrior Haakon bent so his shoulder hit my middle, and then I was up over his shoulder hanging down his back, squawking like a goose about to be cooked.

“Stop! What are you—”

“Quiet,” a hand clapped on my bottom. I hissed at this outrage, and the hand caressed my right buttock. I almost started shrieking, but a draft hit my face. We were outside.

Muffled sobs and cries came from all around. The moonlight illuminated quite a scene. Large warriors milled about the abbey grounds, some held my friends—the orphans. One giant went by, dragging one of the nuns, who railed and fought him. Sister Juliet—a kind young woman who’d grown up in the orphanage until she took vows. She screamed as he tossed her up over his shoulder and strode into the forest.

“Let me go,” I struggled, beating my fists against the warrior’s back. My hands might as well have been flowers for all the damage they did to the leather jerkin he wore or the powerful muscles of his back.

He gave a great leap, and landed atop the abbey wall. My stomach flipped and I screamed, but he only crouched and leapt from the wall. Cradling me in his arms, the one named Haakon jogged across the road and plunged into the forest. Trees blocked my view of the abbey, and just like that, the home I’d known all my life was gone.



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 I am an orphan, locked away in the abbey. Men call me beautiful, but I am destined for a life working in the kitchens –until the Berserkers capture me.


These Viking warriors are cursed, but my heart beats faster in their presence. My insides grow weak, desire filling me like fine wine. They draw wicked feelings from me and make me yearn for more.

I long to escape, but deep down, I know I’ll never be free.


I belong to the Berserkers, and they to me.


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Captured by the Berserkers



The abbey lay on the hip of the curving road. I followed the path, hurrying to be sure I reached its large oak doors before the bell tolled for evening prayers. Whenever the friar sent me on an errand to the village, he gave me strict warnings to return before sunset. Tonight, I hurried not only to escape his punishment but to outrun the almost-full moon. I needed to be hidden well away before it rose and brought the sickness upon me.

Lost in my thoughts, I startled when a shadow fell across my path.

“Good evening”,” a deep voice murmured, right at my back. I let out a shriek and dropped my basket.

Two large men stood on the edge of the path. Warriors, though they bore no weapons I could see. Both massive, with broad shoulders and great muscled arms, but, somehow, I hadn’t noticed them standing there until they spoke. Even now, they seemed to blend with the sun-dappled forest as they loomed over me.

“Calm yourself, lass. I did not mean to scare you.” One of them, a redhead with hair to his shoulders, stooped and picked up my basket.

“You don’t need to try to scare women, Leif,” the second warrior grunted. “Your face scares them enough.”

The redhead, Leif, didn’t take his eyes from me.

“My apologies, lass.” He spoke with a strange accent but a bit of a lilt I recognized from the Highlands, a mountainous area many leagues from the abbey.

Hands trembling, I took the basket and clutched it to my chest. The warriors’ gaze swept up and down my form, lingering on my breasts. They kept their distance. If they made any move, I would drop my burden again and run to the abbey doors, a race no doubt I would lose.

“You’re not too frightened?” Leif cocked his head to the side. He had an open, honest face, a scar marking his chin, and a full, lush mouth.

When I shook my head, he flashed an arrogant smile. “See, Brokk? She’s a brave little thing. I wager it’s your ugly face tying her tongue.” He gave me a wink.

My cheeks heated.

“Don’t embarrass her,” Brokk muttered, the stern set of his mouth contrast to his partner’s cocky grin.

“And miss the pretty color in her cheeks? Like the bloom of a rose.” When Leif smirked again, I caught a quick flash of fang. His canines curved over his lower teeth. “You’re lovely, lass.”

My lips parted. My heart fluttered like a bird caught in a briar.

The second warrior cleared his throat. He wasn’t as handsome as his companion, but his blunt features and glowering brow had their own arresting charm. “Leif thinks he has a way with women. I will not let him keep you long,” Brokk assured me, though at the word “keep” I took a step back.

With a low, soothing sound, the warriors hemmed me in. My head craned upwards to take in one stern, one smiling face.

I clutched my basket tighter. The warriors blocked my escape, but for some reason, I felt no fear. My body warmed further still, responding to the heat emanating from them.

“Can I help you, sirs?” I rasped. My dry throat worked to get the words out. Maybe, if I stayed polite, they would let me go.

“Do you live yonder?” Brokk nodded to the abbey, his voice gruff but kind.

“Yes, sir.”

“What’s your name?” Leif asked.

“It’s Willow,” I whispered.

“Willow.” Leif rolled my name on his tongue, and I felt a prickle between my legs. My nipples throbbed.

“Willow,” Brokk echoed, and his face softened a little.

The ache in my breasts increased, and wetness trickled from my nether lips.

Leif raised his head and drew in a deep breath. Both warriors pierced me with the look of a predator fixing on its intended prey. I swayed between them, caught in their bright-yellow gaze.

My desire blazed to life, followed by fear.

“I should not be here,” I blurted. “I should not be talking to you.” The friar warned me and my sister orphans against strange men. Whenever he caught one of us speaking to any in the village, all of us bore the punishment.

It would be night soon, complete with the dreaded full moon.

“I need to go,” I whispered. “Please.”

For a moment, I thought they would not let me leave, but then Leif stepped away, giving me a clear path to the abbey.

“Take care, Willow,” Brokk said in his gentle rumble.

“We’ll watch over you,” Leif added. “Make sure you get safely to the door. After all, there are dangerous men about.”

My heart dropped to my feet, and he winked at me again.

For second, his eyes seem to pulse with a golden light. It faded, leaving an ordinary man. Ordinary except for the handsome face, the strapping neck, the fine muscles stretching the leather jerkin he wore.

With a small nod, I scrambled the rest of the way home.


Inside, the wall propped me up as I pressed a hand over my breast, willing my heartbeat to slow. I’d never had such a response to a man before, not even to Joseph, the village blacksmith’s apprentice who always smiled at me. I held my hands out and watched them tremble. Something about those warriors, the way they couldn’t take their eyes off me…my body buzzed, blood roaring. I felt I’d waited all my life to meet those men.

What was happening to me? I should’ve asked the warriors where they’d come from, and their purpose. I should’ve done something besides stand there like a fool, my face flushed and my heart racing.

Light filtered through the colored window above me, staining my hands red. What a fool. My encounter meant nothing. Warriors on a journey had found brief entertainment frightening a scrawny girl. As soon as they laughed over the encounter, they’d forget me.

Me? I’d think about them, and my wicked, sinful flesh would burn for days. In cool darkness, I slipped along the stone floor and passed through the sanctuary, head bowed against the cold marble stares of the saints. I’d visited the sanctuary often enough I’d memorize their faces. Perfect, and high above me. A good girl would do penance on her knees for even speaking to such a pair of such fine men. As for the thoughts I’d had when trapped between their large strapping bodies…I could never do enough penance to atone.

On a whim, I set my basket down and approached the likeness of Mother Mary. The statue stood at the front altar, her expression serene and pure. When younger, I’d pretended she was my real mother. I’d prayed for answers, for relief from the sickness I’d endured since becoming a woman. The Church taught suffering purged the soul. Even my prayers were sinful, the desperate begging of a weak woman.

Why am I like this? How long must I suffer? I found no answers in the beautiful, carven face.

“Willow,” a low voice called. A young woman crept from the shadows. Sage, my closest friend among all the orphans. She and I had been brought to the abbey around the same time. We shared a similar height and slim build. Despite my dark hair and her fair locks, we could have been sisters.

“Did you finish the errand?”

“Yes,” I kept my voice down so it would not echo in the cavernous space. I’d asked the nuns once why the statues of the saints got to live in such a beautiful open area while we shared beds in the dormitory. It took a few rounds of discipline before I understood the Church allowed luxury to the rich and the dead.

“Are you coming to Vespers?” she asked.

“No, I cannot. It is almost a full moon.”

Sage nodded. She suffered the same sickness I did, though less frequently, while mine grew worse every month.

“Here.” She handed me a handkerchief wrapped around a few oatcakes. The nuns did not allow us to eat if we did not go to prayers, but I had to hide away to suffer in silence when the moon rose.

“I still must visit the friar.” I gestured to the basket I’d fetched for him.

Sage picked it up. “I will do it.”

“He has been grumpy ever since Hazel disappeared.”

“I’ll be all right.” Sage lifted her chin.

Without a word, I raised her sleeve and studied the bruises there. The marks came from a man’s grip on her pale, thin arm. There would be more on her legs, but she would hate my pity more than she hated the friar’s illicit touch.

I released her sleeve. “The shopkeeper gave us a fair price for the herbs. He wants more of the tincture you made for backaches.”

With a tight smile on her lovely face, Sage nodded and slipped away. I prayed again, this time hoping the friar would be happy with the earnings she brought. The wool and weavings the orphans spun and the produce we harvested paid our way, though the friar always found a reason to complain about our cost to him. Only Sage could soothe him. He preferred young blonde things. God help the younger girls if he ever tired of Sage.

I scoffed at my own joke. I’d lived in the abbey long enough to know God did not help orphans.

A red sun sank in the sky as I hurried across the gardens, accompanied by the sweet singing of the nuns. A few years ago, I’d close my eyes and imagine my mother sang to me. A pretty dream, for she’d given me up almost as soon as she birthed me.

I slipped behind the mulberry bushes and picked the lock of an old shed. Inside, behind a few barrels used for dyeing cloth, Sage and I had wrapped a chain and set of shackles around a large rock. In a few minutes, I would bind myself there and wait for the fever to take my mind.

The shack sat back in the woods, near a gurgling brook, the forest sounds enough to cover the moans and cries escaping my throat when the fever reached its peak. No one should be out in the gardens this late, but, just in case, Sage would do her best to keep everyone away.

Willow of the abbey

I set the oatcakes down, too nervous to eat. I should kneel and pray. Instead, I paced. During the next few hours, I would bind myself in such a way I would not be able to touch between my legs, but the ache would become unbearable, my mind tormented with dreams of hands upon my body, caressing my flesh. In the morning, Sage would come and free me from my fevered sleep.

My body already simmered, the excitement a result of speaking to the warriors earlier. The thought of them caused heat to burst through me, a throbbing warmth leaving a slight trickle of wetness between my legs. The first spark would turn into an ember and light the fire that would become a blazing inferno.

One day, I would have the courage to talk to a man and flirt with him as Leif had with me. We’d slip into the forest and press against each other, his large hands eager and possessive on my skin. Afterwards, we would lie together on the forest floor, curled as close as petals in a rosebud.

With a sigh, I picked up the shackles. The cold iron stung my hands.

A clink of metal on metal made me still. The sound didn’t come from the fetters I held, but from outside. Someone had found my hiding place.

I waited, holding my breath, but no one burst into the shack. The friar had become more surly and suspicious since our fellow orphan Hazel disappeared. She had just come into heat and had the courage to defy him. We assumed he’d sold her off to a husband, but no one knew for sure. The friar had struck Sage when she’d worked up the courage to ask.

Dusky light shone through the cracks in the shack. Twilight approached. If caught now, I could claim I’d been searching for the dye barrel. After setting the shackles down, I eased the door open, stepped into the dim evening, and froze.

Rank upon rank of giant warriors closed in on the abbey. They crept across the grounds without a sound. They all had weapons, axes or daggers worn at their belts. The dying light showed their hands to be free.

I gathered myself to scream. A rough palm closed over my mouth. I let out a muffled shriek.

“Hello, Willow,” a voice rasped in my ear.

Disbelieving, I stilled. The voice and strong arms locked around me belonged to the redheaded warrior. His black-haired friend stood at his side, frowning.

“Get her out of here.” Brokk jerked his head.

My protests muffled by Leif’s large hand, I kicked and fought as much as I could, to no effect. The warrior swung me up, arms still clamped around me, and dragged me deeper into the woods.

“Stay calm now, lass.” Red locks tickled my cheek as he whispered in my ear. “You’re safe now. Danger is coming to the abbey, but we’ll get your friends out.”


Why would battle-hardened warriors attack an abbey full of innocent women and girls? Had the friar cheated someone and incurred a lord’s wrath?

Despite my struggles, the warrior carried me into the woods until the trees crowded my view of the abbey, its turret shining with the last light of day. I went limp against him, hoping he would let down his guard. Perhaps I could still escape to warn Sage. She would be in the dormitory now, reading to the little ones, or perhaps setting out a tankard of ale for the friar to drink, in hopes he’d get too drunk to bother her. Around midnight, she’d slip out to check on me. She wouldn’t find me.

Of course, by then, she’d be taken, too.

Throat tight, I sobbed silently against Leif’s hand.

“Shh, lass, it’s all right.” He set me down but kept me clamped against his broad chest. “You’re in danger. You and the other spaewives. We’ve come to rescue you.”

I let my eyes close and legs sag as if I’d fainted. Leif propped me up, but when he tried to turn me into a less awkward hold, I broke from his arms.

After a few steps, he caught me fast. I went crazy, flailing in an attempt to get free. Not for myself. They’d captured me, but if I could get close enough to the abbey and scream loud enough to warn Sage and the others…

“Oh, no, you don’t,” Leif grunted, lifting me again. His large hand closed around my throat. He squeezed in warning, and though he did not cut off my air, his grip silenced me. Brokk hovered close.

“Put her down. Quickly. Bind her. We cannot risk her warning any guards who might be about.”

“Stay calm,” Leif shook me. “You’re in no danger as long as you obey.” He pinned me belly down on the forest floor, holding my wrists at the small of my back. Before I could scream, Brokk jammed something into my mouth.

“This isn’t going the way I wanted,” Leif muttered.

I panted and cried as they finished binding me. Then Leif sat back with me in his arms.

“There, now. Safe and secure.”

I glared at him, trying to push the bitter-tasting leather from my mouth. A growl sounded in my throat. False bravado—the rest of me shook.

“You going to fight me, Willow?” The warrior teased my hair from my face with surprising gentleness. I thrashed, throwing off his touch.

“Stop,” Brokk ordered, squatting close. His command stilled me. “We will not allow you to hurt yourself.” The sharpness in his tone and gaze warned me to behave.

“We’re not here to harm you,” Leif repeated.

I blinked at them. I sat trussed and gagged and trembling. A young maiden captured in the woods by two warriors. Limbs numb, skin covered in goose bumps. My light summer dress provided no protection from a chill in the air strange for a late summer night.

“You’ll want to know why we are here,” Leif interpreted. “Fear not. It’ll all be brought to light.”

A scream shattered the still air. It came from the abbey.

“Damn, damn.” Leif hauled me up.

“Go to the meeting place. I’ll catch up,” Brokk told him, and ran back to join the other warriors.

I dug my heels into the dirt, but Leif hauled me over his shoulder. His large hand smacked my bottom when I struggled again.

“None of that now,” he said. I went limp again, the fight truly gone out of me this time. Straining to raise my head, I could only watch as Brokk and his fearsome comrades advance to attack my home.


She’ll be ours forever…

Long ago, a witch turned us into monsters. Our only hope is to wait for the woman who could lift the curse.

A century later, we find her. Willow. Our miracle. She’s hidden away in an abbey full of orphans, while evil men plot to sell her as a bride.

We’ll break her out. But she’ll remain captive to her desires until we set her free…

*Author’s Note: This is a MFM full-length ménage romance. There are no M/M scenes, just TWO hot, dominant warriors who claim the same woman…

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#SATSpanks Given to the Berserkers

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“Fergus! What are you doing?” I squirmed but he pinned me easily, shifting me so my bum draped right over his legs. He smacked it again and I squawked, though it didn’t hurt at all.

“Punishing ye,” he said, and I could hear the grin in his tone. “This is how wolves discipline their naughty mates.” His hand roamed over my naked flesh, squeezing my plump cheeks.

“It doesn’t hurt very much–Ow!”

His palm connected with my right buttcheek, hard enough to sting. I reared up but didn’t go far, as Fergus pushed me down with a strong hand. “And another to balance ye out.” Another smack rang out and I jerked my hands back to cover my now stinging backside.

My love caught my wrists and held them in the small of my back.

“Enough, Fergus, I’ve learned my lesson.”

“Ah, but now I am enjoying myself.” His free hand went back to massaging my bottom, reducing the sting. He continued like that, alternating his caresses with a light spanking. I whimpered once or twice, but submitted to his ministrations. As the playful  punishment went on, my cunny began to pulse with each firm smack. Burying my face in the pelts, I let my legs creep together so Fergus would not see the wetness at their apex.

Of course, Fergus noticed right away.

“What’s this, lass? I think you’re enjoying your discipline as much as me.”

“I am not,” I protested, but his fingers slipped through my secret folds and then showed me the juice collected on them.

“Lying lassies get their bottoms smacked.”


Captured to be a prize in the brutal Berserker Games…

My life changed forever when the Berserkers took me. These fearsome warriors must find women to keep their lethal rage at bay…and I am an ideal mate.

The Alphas decree that all warriors must compete in a series of Highland Games for my hand. Of all the giant warriors, two have caught my eye, but I have no choice. When the final match is over, I will belong to the ruthless victors. They will possess me fully. I can only hope they will be the two I could come to love…

Given to the Berserkers is a standalone, full-length MFM ménage romance starring two huge, dominant warriors who make it all about the woman.

★ “Hotter than Hades in the middle of the summer” ★
★“Fast paced, great fighting sequences and hot menage’ fireworks”★



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Training time: Given to the Berserkers


“All, right, my lovely. It’s time to begin your training.”

“Training?” Still naked, I wrapped my arms loosely around my bare form. The look Fergus shot me was wicked.

“Bend over the bed.”

I hurried to obey.

“Such a fine arse. Not too small, not to plump. And a lovely red color. Spread your legs, sweet one.” I rocked from one foot to the other, opening my stance. “Good lass. Now part your bottom cheeks for me.”


A smack on my behind had me hastening to comply. Flushing red as my punished backside, I spread my cheeks and showed him my bottom hole.

“Now there’s a lovely sight,” Fergus said with satisfied awe.

My face burned hot against the bed. Something hard and unyielding touched my back pucker, pushing in so it stretched the tight ring of muscle.

“This is a plug. I carve it out of wood for naughty lassies to wear when they’ve disobeyed. You’ll keep it in, and it will stretch ye to take us.”

My grip tightened on the pelts. “Fergus…please…:”

“Relax. Take a deep breath in. Now blow out.” As air left my lungs, he pushed the bulb in all the way. After the widest part went through, it narrowed sharply, easing the strain.


He worked it in and out while I stifled a whimper.

“How do ye feel?”

I grunted in response. The thing in my backside felt strange but not quite unpleasant. My nipples were as hard as pebbles against the bed.

“Touch yourself.”

“Please…do not make me.”

“If ye cannot, then I will.” He checked me and laughed. “Soaked. Just as I thought.”

“This is not right.”

He dropped a kiss on my bottom cheek. “It is exactly right. Soon ye’ll be able to wear this in your bottom from morn to night.”

“All day?”

“Of course. So we can claim ye whenever we want.”

He twisted the dreadful thing home. “Stand up now, Muriel. Ye can suck me off before ye continue with your chores.”

Captured to be a prize in the brutal Berserker Games…

My life changed forever when the Berserkers took me. These fearsome warriors must find women to keep their lethal rage at bay…and I am an ideal mate.

The Alphas decree that all warriors must compete in a series of Highland Games for my hand. Of all the giant warriors, two have caught my eye, but I have no choice. When the final match is over, I will belong to the ruthless victors. They will possess me fully. I can only hope they will be the two I could come to love…

Given to the Berserkers is a standalone, full-length MFM ménage romance starring two huge, dominant warriors who make it all about the woman.



Given to the Berserkers




“Muriel,” someone was calling my name and tugging on my arm. I opened my eyes, squinting against my throbbing headache. “Wake up,” my sister said in a trembling whisper.

“What is it, Fleur?” I groaned. “Did the fire go out? Where’s Sabine?”

“She disappeared, remember? We have not seen her for a day and a night.” Fleur was speaking, but I barely heard her as I sat up and stared through the bars of a cage. Where I expected the walls of our home and the stone hearth, there was only forest.

“What is this?” I whispered. We sat in the center of a wooden cage made of branches as tall as a man and twice as long, lined with fur pelts. Beyond the bars, figures moved around a bonfire. A few men accompanied by giant dogs.

Fleur huddled closer to me. “They came in the night,” she whispered. “Do you remember? They burst into the hut and grabbed us.”

“I remember.” My head ached but I recalled the dark shapes looming over us. I’d leapt to my feet, wielding a small knife my older sister Sabine made me carry. One of the warriors had caught the blade in his hand.

“Careful,” he had laughed, wrenching the weapon from me even as blood dripped from his palm, “this one is a fighter. She has a little tooth.”

“Get away from me,” I’d shrieked. My defiance lasted as long as it took for one of the huge warriors to catch and force me down. I struggled on the floor, craning my neck to look back at Fleur. My twin sister was often sick, and weaker than I was. She’d shrunk back on the bed when three warriors converged on her. “Leave us alone!”

“Be quiet, and we won’t hurt you.” The warrior binding my wrists had covered my head with a sack and hefted me up. We were moving, moving, out of the hut and into the night. I’d screamed and struggled with all my might. The warrior carrying me slung me down, and—

Blackness. I remembered nothing more.

“What happened?” I asked my sister without taking my eyes off the men in the clearing. The huge warriors were cutting down more trees and adding logs to the fire.

“I don’t remember much after they came in and took us. I must have hit my head.”

“The man struck you so you slept,” Fleur said. “But I stayed awake the whole time. They carried us here, faster than any man can run. I know you won’t believe me…”

 Fleur often had visions and dreams during the day, fantastical things she shared only with me. Often she saw things that weren’t real, and asked me about them. With my help, she didn’t speak of things that no one else saw. Otherwise, the villagers might call her fey, and kill her for it.

“I believe you,” I said, holding her tighter. “This is real. This is happening.” The men at the bonfire were more frightening when they stepped into the light than when they stood in shadow. Massive and muscular, they wore the garb of warriors and carried great weapons, from axes and bows, to daggers and swords.  Though larger than any man I’d ever seen, they moved like predators, with smooth, quick grace. One of our captors walked out of the woods wearing only a loincloth, and carrying a giant log over his shoulder as if it weighed no more than a stick. He shrugged it off onto a growing pile, and joined a group that stood studying us in the cage. Amid the men roamed a few giant beasts that I thought were dogs, but for their size and the intelligence in their bright gold eyes.

Fleur and I huddled together amid this nightmare.

“Who are they?” I asked in despair. My teeth chattered, more with fear than cold.

“Wolves.” Fleur pointed out two of the warriors standing guard. Not more than a minute passed without them glancing back at us. I noticed they seemed particularly interested in Fleur, and I  squeezed her tighter. “See those two? They took turns carrying me. They told me a witch cursed them with great strength and speed, but with the curse came the rage of a ravening beast. I didn’t understand until I saw one of them, that third one, there, turn from man into a wolf.” The beast she pointed out was massive, bigger than any dog or wolf I’d ever seen. With its midnight fur and eyes shining in the firelight, it seemed a demon creature.

It hadn’t stopped staring at Fleur.

“What do they want with us?”

“The warriors told me they have no women. They took us because they need mates.”

I forced my disbelieving gaze from the giant beasts and warriors, to stare into Fleur’s pale eyes. My normally pale sister looked even more wan and tired, with great circles under her eyes. But I knew she was telling the truth.

“How is this possible?”

“A prophecy foretold of a race of women they could mate with. Muriel… they have Sabine.”

“She’s here? Alive?” Our older sister had disappeared a few nights before. I sagged back onto the pelts, overcome with the first good news I’d had all night.

Fleur nodded and lay down with me. “They took her first. She’s to mate with the two Alphas.”

My forehead wrinkled. “Two of them?”

“They sometimes mate with women in pairs.”

I closed my eyes. My head hurt again, and not because of the tender bump on my skull.

“Do you think she’s all right?” I’d often been at odds with my older sister, but she’d always looked after us since our mother died. We had another sister, Brenna, older than all of us, but she, too, had disappeared.

“I think Sabine is fighting them. But they laughed about it and said that one way or another, the Alphas will tame her. And then…” Fleur’s voice died away, but she didn’t have to finish the sentence.

After Sabine was mated, it would be our turn.

Dawn came, and despite fear churning in my stomach and a raw feeling in my gullet, I dozed.

When I woke, the crowd of warriors had thinned. There were only three warriors left—the men who had carried Fleur, and their companion in wolf form.

Someone had left a skin of water just outside the bars. I waited as long as I could, but finally threaded my arm through the bars and took it. I sniffed it carefully but smelled no taint or poison. If these warriors had any reason to kill us, they could simply snap our necks. With that bleak reasoning, I didn’t hesitate to drink from the skin.

The wind shifted and the smoke blew into our cage. Fleur started coughing in her sleep. I moved to block the foul breeze, but she kept coughing. Her lungs had never been very strong.

Would that Sabine were here. She was smart and brave, and had a little magic. She would demand our captor bring her what she needed to make Fleur medicine, and would not stop standing up to them until we were all free. 

I’d wrapped my arms around my legs and pressed my head to my knees., when a voice hissed close to my ear.

I raised my head and looked straight into golden eyes. A reddish wolf, so red I would’ve thought it was a fox if it hadn’t been so large, sat panting not five handspans from where I sat within the cage.

I watched in wonder as a ripple of magic split the air. The beast’s form shimmered, and then in place of the wolf crouched a man, naked but for a loincloth.

If Fleur had not explained the night before, I would’ve thought I was crazed or still dreaming, but the man looked real enough. He was young and sturdy, with a pale muscled chest and legs. The only resemblance to the wolf was his tousled red hair.

He grinned at me, and placed a finger to his lips, gesturing for me to stay silent. I glanced back at the warriors guarding us, and they all were focused on the fire. The smoke still blew in our direction. Turning my back on them, I nodded to the red-haired warrior. For some reason he didn’t want to be seen, and his secret was safe with me.

His grin widened, displaying sharp incisors. He beckoned me closer.

For some reason, I obeyed, sliding on the pelts to tuck myself against the side of the wooden prison.

“Muriel?” His low voice was rough, but I recognized my name when he repeated, “Are ye Muriel?”

Gaping at him, I nodded.

“Are ye sure, lass?” he asked. “I have a message for Muriel, and I dinnae want to tell it wrong.”

Licking my lips, I found my voice. “I am Muriel. Who are you? What’s going on?”

“You’ve been taken by Berserkers, warriors cursed to live as beasts. Ye were stolen by the Lowland Pack. I am Fergus of the Highland Pack. My pack and this pack dinnae get along.”

That explained his secrecy.

“You have a message for me?”

“Aye. My Alphas promise ye that ye will not be harmed. Soon ye will be free.” He crept closer, crouching next to the bars. If I put my hand out, I could touch him.

“‘Tis not wise for me to come out of hiding, but ye looked so sad. I wanted to reassure ye.” He had a splash of light freckles across his nose.

“Thank you. That’s very kind.”

“I cannae stay long. I’m only here because the wind shifted. They willnae scent me as long as I’m downwind.”

“Please, will you let us out?”

“I cannot. Not until I know ye are safe. Do ye know why you’re in a cage?”  

I glanced back at the fire, but our guards were still distracted. “To keep us from getting out?”

“No, to keep the monsters from getting in.”

I wanted to close my eyes, lie down and go to sleep, and forget all this as a dream. Instead I studied Fergus. With his freckles and teasing manner, he could be a youth from my village, except for his rugged, handsome looks, and the magic that made him a wolf.

“Why did they take us? Why are we here?”

“They need brides.”

Fleur had relayed the truth. I gripped the bars harder, and clenched my jaw to fight the tears.

Fergus looked stricken. “Now, lass, don’t cry,” the warrior crooned. “”Twill be all right.”

“I don’t know how…I don’t know what to do.”

“Help is on the way. I swear on my life, I will get ye out. Dinnae worry your wee head.”

After a shuddering breath, I nodded.   

“The wind is shifting. If they scent me, I’ll be caught.”

“Don’t go,” I begged.

He tilted his head. His shoulders were also dusted with freckles. “Ye aren’t afraid of me, wee one?”

I didn’t know what to say to that. “Please.”

“I won’t stray far. I’ll make sure ye dinnae come to harm. This pack is dangerous, but the more unstable wolves have orders to stay away from ye.”

He changed before my eyes, the masculine features distorting into the maw of a reddish wolf. I jerked back, but he was already gone, only the tremor of a leaf on a low-hanging branch evidence of where he had been.

I clutched at Fleur, but she was asleep, her cheeks wan and pale, her body shaking with coughs. Tears streamed out of my eyes–from the smoky air, I told myself. Not because I was afraid.

A warrior walked into the clearing. Pale and blond, he stood a head taller than the others, and towered over them when they bowed their heads.

“Arne, Erik,” he greeted the men, and then the wolf. “Gunnr.” He had a strange accent but spoke in a level, cultured voice. I’d almost think him a lord from some far off court, but he tilted his head and sniffed the wind, and I saw the predator in him.

“Alpha,” the warriors greeted him, and his head jerked towards our cage.

Inspiration for Fergus: actor Sam Heughan

“What is this?” the blond Alpha asked his men. “I smell a wolf. And not one of our pack.”

“I smell it too.” The warrior named Arne growled.

Fear flashed through me. They would track Fergus, and all would be lost.

I moved to the far side of the cage, opposite where I had sat with Fergus.

“Hey,” I cried out. “You there.” Gripping the branch bars, I tried to shake them. Fleur coughed again in her sleep, the perfect distraction.

The warriors’ attention swung to me. My body was numb with fear, with cold, and now with anger.

“My sister is sick. She may be dying, if I cannot get her the herbs she needs.”

The tall blond approached. Crouching he ducked his head to meet my gaze. His eyes were bright gold.

I waited for him to speak but he only cocked his head to the side.

“Did you hear me?” Fury supplied my words. “You captured both of us—and soon one will die. If she goes…I will make you pay.” I did not know how. My cheeks were frozen from my old tears, or were they new?

“Threats for your captors?” the Alpha murmured. “I wonder what makes you so bold?”

“It’s the enemy, Ragnvald,” answered one of the guards—Erik. The second and third, in wolf form, stood at the forest edge, whining and pawing the earth where Fergus had been.

They paced along one side of the cage, and shivers worked up my spine.

“He was here. One of the Highland Pack. If we go now, we can track him.”

I stared up into the leader’s face, silently pleading.

“No,” he said finally. “Let him go. If plans hold, the Highland Pack will not be our enemies for much longer.”

I held the leader’s gaze for a moment longer, then a sharp pain flashed in my head and I dropped my eyes. Power rolled through the clearing, beyond my mortal understanding, and the hair on my arms stood on end.

Fleur coughed again, breaking the spell.

“Please, my lord,” I said. “My sister truly is ill.”

“Do you know what will save her?” Erik asked in a harsh, almost guttural voice. He stalked towards the cage, eyes on Fleur’s limp body. I shrank back, but the warrior stopped when his leader lifted a hand. Every muscle in Erik’s body was taut, ready, as if at a word he would jump forward and rip apart the wooden structure.

“Yes,” I gulped. “I can find the herbs to make medicine, if you let me out.”

Fleur coughed and one of the wolves whined again.

“Alpha, please,” Erik asked in a quiet voice. Sweat beaded on his forehead as he waited for his leader to give the order.

“Very well.”

Erik reached out and sliced the bindings on one branch, so the side of the cage swung open.

“Take Gunnr and track our red intruder,” Ragnvald continued. “When you catch him, do him no harm. Tell him I wish to meet under a branch of truce, to negotiate peace with his pack.”

I did not breathe until the tense warrior was gone.

“Be at peace, Muriel,” the Alpha said. “Your sister has told me of you and your bravery. It seems even Fleur has charmed my men in less than half a day.”

The bare blue sky called to me from beyond the wooden frame, yet still I hesitated. The Alpha beckoned. “Come forth, little sister. I am Ragnvald, Alpha of the Lowland Pack. I swear I will not hurt you.”

“I am not your sister,” I said.

“No,” Ragnvald said, amused. “But when Sabine accepts her place at my side, you will be.”

Heart beating fast, I ducked through the opening. The Alpha of the Lowland Pack swept out his hand, ushering me into my new life.


Nine moons later…

I saw the wolf through the branches of the berry bush. Large and reddish with a white splash on his tail, he sat with his tongue lolling out, watching me.

With a smile, I turned back to the waiting branch and picked another handful of berries for my lunch.  

A subtle wind lifted my skirts and brought a fresh, open scent–like the earth after spring rain. Leaves crunched under someone’s foot–the sound too slight to notice unless I was waiting to hear it.

A pair of large, rough hands covered my eyes.

“Guess who,” the Scottish brogue tickled my ear.

“Fergus,” I whirled with a grin, and took in the young warrior, his handsome face and broad, muscled shoulders making my mouth water.

He stood bare-chested and unashamed, wearing nothing but a loincloth around his nethers. The pink in his cheeks was the only sign that he was affected by the slight chill.

I cleared my throat, ducking my head to hide my blush. “You should not be here…and I cannot see you like this.”

“I cannae carry clothes wherever I go. My wolf likes to run unencumbered.” His voice dropped to a seductive rumble, “Look at me, Muriel.”

I did as he bid, raising my gaze to meet his clear blue ones. I watched in fascination as the magic within him took hold and turned his eye color to bright gold.

“I’ve missed ye, lass.”

“And I’ve missed you,” I whispered.  Much had changed since we’d first met, exchanging names through the bars of the cage. My sisters and I lived with the Berserkers, less as captives and more as prized guests. Tensions between the packs had died down, but there were still treaties and negotiations. Fergus acted often as a go-between, and so even though I was with the Lowland Pack, I saw him often—but always in the presence of the Alphas or a few guards. Never alone, in a secret meeting, like this.

“Ye look well.”

My skin tingled as his gaze swept up and down my form, hungry.

Clearing my throat, I sought for a change in subject. We had little chance to converse beyond a look, a small touch, a carefully worded greeting. The entire pack watched over my sister and me, for we were their hope for the future. But of all the giant, forbidding warriors, only Fergus could make me laugh with his antics, and the sly, silly comments that were innocent enough, but I knew were meant for me.

“I hoped you would find me today.”

“Yes?” He took a step forward, eyes lit.

“Yes,” I backed away, blushing. “I know I am not to speak to any of the warriors because I am unmated, but I wanted to speak to you.”

“Well, then, lass.” He kept moving forward, and I kept backing away. “What did ye want to say?”

No matter how much distance I put between us, he stalked me slowly. At last he cornered me against the berry bush.  My heart beat faster, fluttering like a bird taking flight.

He raised his hand and offered me a white flower.

Warmth rushed through me. Smiling, I took hold of it by the stem. “I knew it was you.” Lately, I’d found the little white flowers everywhere. A small token that could’ve been carried by a bird, or fallen from a tree, but when I found it on a stump in the clearing near our new home, or a rock in the stream where Sabine and I washed our clothes, I’d guessed it was a gift from the red wolf. “Thank you. It’s beautiful. But I need to tell you…I wanted to warn you. You should not come so close to me. It’s not safe.”

He tilted his head, as if touched at my worry. “I dinnae care about my safety.”

“I do. Please, Fergus. I don’t want the others to find you here.”

“They willnae catch me. I am small, yes, but I am fast when I’m the wolf.”

I started to protest and he held a finger up, almost brushing my lips. “Do ye want to spend our time arguing?”


“Then let us speak of other things.”

There was so much I wanted to ask him, so much I wanted to know. I often imagined him while I lay awake at night on my pallet, pressing the white flowers he left for me to my lips.

“Does it hurt to Change?”

“Not into the wolf. The beast, our Berserker form, is brought on by extreme emotion. That can be painful, if only because of the desire to fight and rip apart the very earth. But we shall speak no more of becoming monsters.” His voice was light, but I knew he worried about the beast taking over his mind. All Berserkers were once men who were cursed with the magic of the Change. They could control the shift from man to wolf, but after decades of fighting, they eventually lost control of their monstrous third form: the beast.

To me, though, Fergus was no monster. The red-headed warrior could’ve been a boy from my village, grown up into a man I could love. I’d always imagined such a suitor courting me. We’d have a country wedding, and a sweet, simple life with each other and our children.

My life had changed but I held onto my small, sunny dream. Whenever I was with Fergus, I felt it could still come true.

I swung off my cloak and wrapped him in it.

“Walk with me?” I invited. We weren’t supposed to be near each other. War could break out if we were found together, but the pull between us couldn’t be denied.

As we ambled along the woodland path in silence, his hand clamped on my wrist over my long sleeve. I let him lead me deeper into the forest. My heart thumped, eager to find a secret place where we could strip our souls bare and be with each other, without any threat of being found hanging over our head.

“You’ve grown a little these past few moons,” he said in his beautiful, lilting voice.

“Gotten fat?” I asked with a coy look.

“No. More’s the pity. I like a wee bit of meat on my woman’s bones.”

I shook my head.

“I jest, Muriel. You’re beautiful.” His fingers brushed my cheek.

Blushing, I arched away from his caress. I’d spent nights longing to feel his fingers on my skin, pressing the white flowers to my lips. But I’d been warned not to let a Berserker touch my skin. Fergus knew this as well. In the spell of the dark, quiet forest, and each other’s presence, it was easy to forget the rules.

“Where are we going?”

His hand dropped to take hold of my wrist again. “Not much farther.”

Finally, we reached a place where little light broke between the thick branches of the towering pines. A stream ran through the heart of a grove of ferns, and here Fergus stopped. Hands spanning my small waist, he lifted me and set me on a broad, flat stone splitting the rush of water, and stepped onto it with me. Before I lost my balance, he tugged me closer, holding me in his arms like we were a couple dancing at a midsummer fair.

“Fergus,” I kept my eyes on the hard ridge of his muscle along the center of his chest. Lean and wiry, he was the smallest of his Berserker pack, but still two heads taller than me and much, much stronger. Stronger than any human in existence. “We shouldn’t be together like this. It is forbidden.”

“Muriel,” the way he breathed my name sounded like a song, a prayer. “Look at me.”

“I cannot,” I kept my gaze averted. “Sabine says I must not look any members of the pack in the eye, or risk giving great offense.”

“Any other warrior in the pack, aye. But not me. Never me. Look at me, wee one,” He gave a command and tipped my chin up with a finger.

He had eyes of a storm far off over the ocean. When the beast was upon him, they turned gold with an otherworldly light.

“I have things to say to ye, but I cannae say them yet. I haven’t the right.”

Now my cheeks were turning pink as heat poured through me in response to his touch. “Can you not say a few of them?”

“I would that I could. Some day, soon, I will. I’ll tell ye all ye want to hear, and more.” His promise sent warmth through my body. We had an ocean of difference between us–he was a Berserker of the Highland pack, and I was a captive and ward of their enemies; he was a werewolf, I was not–but in that moment we shared the same breath, the same heart.

Bowing his head, his forehead brushed mine, and his voice dropped to a deep rumble that spread tingles through me. “If I had my way, I’d show ye my thoughts as well as tell ye. Ye ken?”

I opened my mouth, and his head jerked.

“Do ye hear that, lass?”


“Your sister calls for ye.” His tone held regret.  

“I have to go.” I whispered.

“I know.”

I pulled free a ribbon from my dress  Head bowed, I wrapped the green cloth around his bicep.  

When I stepped away, he caught my hand, pulled me back. I leaned into him, my eyes closed, and his lips brushed mine.

I smiled the rest of the walk home.


For the past two moons, I’d lived with Sabine in the great lodge her Alpha mates—Ragnvald and Maddox—had built for her. I wasn’t surprised when I ran to the doors and they opened before me. A dark-haired warrior, clad only in leather breeches and the tattoos that covered his bare chest, waited inside.

“Muriel,” he greeted me. “I’m glad you’ve returned. Your sister Sabine was worried you’d lost your way.”

“I did for a moment,” I told the bland truth; Fergus had led me off the path I knew. Wolves can smell a lie. “Where is my sister?”

“I was about to leave to look for you.” My older sister stood over a great table spread with drying herbs. “Where is your cloak, Muriel?”

“I must have left it in the woods.” Another half truth. Sabine frowned, and I dug in my pouch for the herb that had been my excuse to leave that morning. “Here is more feverfew. I followed the stream until I found a whole patch.”

“Ah, so your path crossed a stream. No wonder Ragnvald couldn’t track you.”

“I would’ve eventually,” Sabine’s second mate, Ragnvald, entered the lodge behind me. “I just wanted to be sure I found her before the other wolf did.”  

“There was another wolf out there? Berserker?” Sabine asked.

“I smell him on you, Muriel. You must have come close to him.”

I kept my head down and washed my hands. If I said anything, they’d scent a falsehood, and I could not give Fergus up.

“Too much coming and going between ours and the Highland Pack,” Ragnvald muttered.

“Wolves come about to catch a peek of the women who can mate with Berserkers. I know I would risk my life for a glimpse,” Maddox said to Sabine, and he tugged a lock of her honey gold hair. She slapped at him, and he laughed.

Ragnvald stayed serious. “ No more excursions out of the lodge alone,” he told me.

“I understand,” I said in a docile tone. Throughout my life I’d found I could quietly go my own way if I acted sweet and obedient.

Sabine was too stubborn to be submissive. “That’s ridiculous,” she frowned at  Ragnvald, hands on her hips. “Spring is here. You cannot keep us cooped up.”

“Just for a little while. Muriel will be leaving us, soon.”

“I thought she was to stay with us, and Fleur with our sister Brenna.” Part of the truce meant that the four of us were split evenly among the packs. Brenna was mated to the Highland pack’s Alphas, Sabine to the Lowland Pack’s. Soon, Fleur and I would have to take mates. No one had spoken of this to me, but I understood it all the same. We were still captives, even though we were treated with respect and care.

“We need to talk. Muriel, will you come here?” Ragnvald pointed to a place before him on the raised stone hearth. I went and sat with my hands in my lap. The very picture of meekness. The blond Alpha hadn’t questioned me about the strange wolf he’d scented in the woods, and I was eager to keep from raising suspicion. One slip of my tongue, and my secret meeting would be revealed. I would get in trouble and might be disciplined, but Fergus would face the Berserker’s wrath. His punishment might be death. The packs were very strict when it came to preserving their few potential mates.

I kept quiet as Ragnvald studied me.

“What’s going on? What is this about?” Sabine set down her mortar and pestle. Maddox hovered close to her, and she gave him a sharp look.  

Ragnvald spoke directly to me. “As you know, all Berserkers met at the Gathering last week.”

I nodded.

“Many things were decided there, so we might keep the peace between our packs. Two nights hence there will be a great competition.  It will be a great contest of force, battle readiness and strength. Muriel, you watch the Games. Sabine and all the Alphas will all be there to oversee them, but you will be the guest of honor.” He paused as if waiting for a response.

“I see,” I said, even though I didn’t. “I am happy to go where the treaty decrees. As always, my sister’s and I are grateful for your hospitality and protection.” Never mind that I was little more than a captive, my marriageability making me a useful pawn in the negotiations between the warring packs. If I kept quiet and remained obedient, I might be awarded more freedom. Perhaps I would see Fergus at these Games, and we could find another chance to slip away together to talk.

“The competition will decide who is the greatest Berserker among all the packs. There is a prize for the winner.”

I thought I understood. “You wish me to attend these Games so I may award the prize?”

The two Alpha’s exchanged glances.  Ragnvald came to where I sat on the hearth and crouched in front of me.

“Muriel,” he said gently, “you are the prize. You’ll be given to the winner of the Games, and he will claim you as his mate.”

For a moment the world spun. The fire burned too hot; my body flushed as if with fever. Ragnvald was still speaking, but I heard only a buzzing noise. Fergus’ voice floated through my head, a whispered promise.

Sabine’s sharp voice cut through the ringing in my ears.

“So she’s to be given away like a trophy? Bound for life to a man who wins her in a contest? You could not give her a choice?”

“We would if we could. This is what was agreed after many nights of debate,” Ragnvald explained. “The man who wins her will be the most powerful warrior in the pack. He will be worthy of a bride.”

“Bride. Such pretty words for ‘chattel’. You may as well be auctioning off a piece of meat,” Sabine raged.

“Sabine,” Maddox started.

Sabine whirled on him. “And if she refuses?”

“She cannot refuse. There is no escaping this. You knew this was coming. We all did,” Ragnvald continued in his patient, level tone.

“She might disappear in the night. Stranger things have happened.”

“We will be keeping close watch over her. Both packs have sent emissaries to guard her.”

“We’ll be watching you, also, Sabine. So you will not help her run.”

Sabine snorted in disgust. Pushing away from the table, she kicked the chair so it clattered to the floor.

Maddox followed Sabine around the room, shadowing her as she paced in a temper.

“We leave tomorrow to reach the place where the Games will be held,” Ragnvald told me.

“If she hates the warrior, can she refuse him?” Sabine asked.

Ragnvald hesitated.

“She can’t can she? She could be given to the most awful, brutish wolf in the pack, and  can do nothing to escape him. Bound for life.” Sabine spoke bitterly.

My tongue still lay heavy in my mouth, unable to move. My heart hurt. Had Fergus known what was decided for my fate? He must have had some idea. Perhaps his intent was to win the Games.

“Sabine,” Maddox came behind his mate and slid his arms around her. She twisted to face him.

“It’s not fair.”

“It is as fair as we can make it.”

“It’s fair for every warrior in the pack. But not for her.”

“Perhaps Muriel will decide that.”

Sabine shook her head. With one final look at me, she ran from the room, Maddox following close behind. I heard them murmuring in their chambers at the far end of the lodge.

I still hadn’t moved, though my hands were white where my fingers threaded tightly together.

“Muriel? Do you have anything to say?”

“My sister is very angry.”

“She wishes her life was not directed by forces outside of her control. She is a force, like a great raging river. Sometimes she moves the rocks from her path. Other times, she must eddy around them. One day she will be powerful enough that nothing will stay in her way.” Ragnvald’s handsome face held a thoughtful look.

My sister had magic. A witch’s prophecy foretold of a special race of women that carried a strain of magic to make them prime Berserker mates. So far, Sabine and Brenna have proved the prophecy true, and they expected Fleur and I to have the same ability. That was why they were so eager for us to marry within the pack.

“I always knew I must mate a Berserker,” I ventured. Ragnvald seemed to listen, he sat with a half smile, as if imagining his fiery mate. “I was hoping I would at least like whoever was chosen for my mate.”

“Little sister, know that I would’ve made things easier for you, if I could. But the Games will satisfy the warriors in both packs. Otherwise there would be war between us.” My sisters were happily mated to the Alphas of the their pack. Sabine, for all her arguing loved Maddox and Ragnvald, and Brenna had borne her two Alpha mates sons. War would threaten the love and new life, so fragile and dear to us all. “Already there are arguments and infighting over who will be awarded a Berserker bride. It’s only a matter of time that a warrior challenges another for you and they fight until they destroy each other. We are doing all we can to avoid that.”

“They are fighting…over me?”

A smile played around his mouth at my innocence. “You must understand what hope you give these men, Muriel. You and your sisters are the only women we’ve found to temper the curse. All the gold, all the bounty these warriors have fought for in the past century, nothing compares to the chance to win your hand in marriage. Believe me when I say these warriors will count it an honor to fight and bleed for you.”

I couldn’t think of what to say to that, so I stared at my hands, wishing I were braver, or stronger, or more clever tongued like Sabine.

“So whoever wins these Games I must take as a mate…like a husband?”

“In werewolf packs, a mate is more than a husband or a wife. The bond runs closer. This man, whoever he may be, will pledge himself to you and your care. He will be a devoted partner, protector, and leader, and will do everything within his power to keep you safe from all harm. Even die for you.”

I swallowed hard. Berserkers lived like warriors, fierce mercenaries always ready for battle. I’d watched them training in their camps. They fought constantly, practicing, readying themselves for war. They were rough and brutal, given to violence at any moment. It was their nature.

I would be given to such a man.

“All right,” I said finally. “I understand. Thank you.”

“Of course, little sister. We will be watching over you, and will do all we can to help you.” Ragnvald rose, and I knew he was eager to get to the bed chamber, and Sabine. The arguing had subsided, and given way to…other sounds. “Know this. Whatever wolf wins you, we can promise, he will treat you well. If he does not,  he won’t just answer to us. The Alphas would sit in judgment upon him, and he’d be lucky if we kill him ourselves, rather than give him over to the pack for them to tear him apart.”


Later that night, I woke to harsh voices arguing. Sabine and her two mates slept on the far side of the lodge. Try as I might to keep a blanket muffling my ears, I often overheard their lovemaking.

Tonight there was more anger than love.

“You don’t understand,” Sabine was saying. “The twins are not like Brenna and me. They were coddled, sheltered. We kept them safe at all costs.”

“We will do the same.” Ragnvald sounded amused. “You think a Berserker  cannot shield his mate from all harm? Muriel will be safer with a warrior from the pack than with any other creature on this island.”

“I fear the Berserker rage more than any other force.”

“You fear nothing, little witch,” That was Maddox. “Much to our dismay. We wish you feared us. It would be easier to make you obey.”

I imagined her swatting him away.

“You do your sister a disservice, thinking her so weak. She is stronger than you know.”

“Her strength may break her. She will obey you, and at what cost? To spend the rest of her life shackled to some brute–”

“We will make sure she is well treated by whoever wins the games.  We need her to do her duty.”

“Duty? She’s an eighteen year old girl-”

“Who has the power to bring balance and stability to the pack. These warriors have gone so long without hope of living a normal life. Living as men. The Games gives them a chance to compete for what they desire above all,” Maddox said.

“And when they see the strongest of them rewarded with a bride, they will accept his right over them,” Ragnvald continued, “otherwise, I fear they will tear each other apart challenging for Muriel’s hand. The Games will be violent, but not deadly.”

“We hope.”

“It is not right. Muriel should be able to choose. Perhaps we could wait, and see if she is like Brenna and me. Muriel may not have the magic that allows her to bond with a mate.”

“You don’t know that.”

“She’s never come into heat, as I did,” Sabine insisted.

“You were a ripe fruit ready for us to pluck. Maddox stalked you for several moons, enjoying your scent.”

“Tortured by it,” Maddox muttered.

“My point is,” Sabine sounded aggrieved. “Muriel may not be able to form a mating bond, as Brenna and I were able to. We should wait and see if her abilities grow.”

A long pause, as if the Alphas were considering it.

“No,” Ragnvald answered, finally. “There is no time.”

“All will be well, Sabine.”

“It’s not fair,” there was defeat in my sister’s voice, “She should be mated to someone she can love.”

“Perhaps, in time, she will come to love the one to whom she is given. After all, stranger things have happened. I recall a certain young woman who liked to stray from her home at night, who was taken by two Berserker warriors. She fell madly in love with them.”

“You wish, wolf,” Sabine said, but her tone was warm. A pause followed, filled with soft, passionate sounds I tried not to hear. When a low moan rose, I rolled over and clamped my blanket over my ears. Despite my worry, I smiled into the darkness.


“Muriel, will you help me sort these herbs?” Sabine called me from my place staring into the fire. My own small bag was full and ready for our journey.

“I don’t know what to bring,” my sister fussed over her great table. Since our talk at the hearth, she’d been in a testy mood, as if she was going to be given to the Berserkers instead of me. After a heated argument, Sabine ordered her Alphas out of the lodge, and refused to let them back in. To my surprise, they obeyed, murmuring that they’d be back when it was time to leave for the Games.

The Games….I’d spent two days trying not to think of my fate, yet my thoughts swirled endlessly, reliving the conversation with Ragnvald and imagining what the Games would be like.  Which warrior would win? In my dreams, I only saw Fergus’ face, his red hair and sparkling eyes as he came to claim me as his prize…

“What are you thinking?” Sabine asked.

I shrugged and leaned on her table, toying with a few stems of dried angelica. Sabine covered my hand with hers.

“Muriel, my powers are still growing, but if you wish to leave now,” she lowered her voice further, “I can call the witch Yseult. Her powers are greater than mine. She could help you escape.”

I gave her a sad smile. “Where would I go?”

“Anywhere, far from here. The witch could hide you for a time.”

For a moment I toyed with idea of running away with Fergus. We could build a small cabin in a forgotten corner of the island, perhaps by the sea.

My foolish dream lived only a second. There was no corner of the earth where I could hide from these warriors. When they went to hunt, they tore great stags apart with their bare hands; if I ran, I’d be much easier prey. Besides, I would never put Fergus at harm. They’d take delight in destroying him.

No one could stop these Berserkers from taking what they wanted. And they wanted me.

I shook my head. “I cannot betray the truce. I’ll be all right, Sabine. They will not mistreat me.” I offered a fervent prayer to the goddess that this would be so. “I can do my duty. It is what the pack requires.”

“Damn the pack! I wish the goddess would throw all the Berserkers in the sea.”

“No, you don’t. You’d miss them too much. At least two of them.”

“I don’t want you to sacrifice your life.”

“You did. Would you change your fate?”

“No.” Sabine gnawed her lip. “But, Muriel, remember that your fate is more than duty. You deserve to have a husband you love. I promised you once I would help you marry well, remember?”

“I remember,” I couldn’t keep the unhappiness out of my voice. I knew I was being selfish.  My sisters Sabine and Brenna had been taken against their will to become Berserker mates, and had grown to love them. But was I strong enough to do the same?


The next day Berserker warriors came to escort me to the place where the Games would be held. These were men from the Highland pack. I looked for Fergus, but he was not among them. Ragnvald and Maddox were coming to represent the Lowland Pack, and wherever they went, their mate went with them, so Sabine was coming too. After the Games she would take time to visit with Brenna and her new family, and relieve Fleur of some of the baby-watching duties.

I supposed I could help, too, if my new mate would allow it. My thoughts slid to Fergus. Did he like children? Would he raise them if I died birthing them? My sister had survived a difficult birth, but Sabine had told me Brenna had magic helping her. I had no magic. Would this make me an inferior mate? Would the Berserker who won me be disappointed and cast me aside? Would this threaten the peace?

My stomach churned and my foot caught my hem, making me stumble.

“Careful,” one of the Berserkers held his hand out as if to break my fall, but did not touch me.

“Are you all right?” Sabine and her mates glanced back.

I hitched my dress up so it would not snag my boots. “Fine,” I answered, and managed a smile. After a brief pause, Ragnvald gave the order and we marched on.

Walking in shadow between twin columns of the large warriors, I decided not to think about my life after the Games. I’d take this journey one step at a time.

We were headed to the Place of Stones, halfway between the Lowland and Highland Pack’s home. The journey would’ve been quicker with horses, but the animals could not abide being near a Berserker. It would also be faster for the Berserkers to carry Sabine and I, as they have great strength and speed. But they could not because I was unmated and it would offend my future mate for the men to touch me, or so Ragnvald explained to me.  

The day was fine and we made good time, so when Sabine requested we stop for lunch, her Alphas agreed. The three of them slipped off together leaving me standing stiffly with my honor guard. As the warriors handed out strips of meat, I drifted closer to a nearby stream. These men were on their best behavior, but I still kept a distance between myself and them while we waited for Sabine to finish with her lovers. I was used to the three of them disappearing like this, and did not fault them. Ragnvald and Maddox had nearly gone mad waiting for their true mate, the one who would balance the raging beast within and bring them peace. They needed connection with Sabine like food and air, and my sister was happy to comply. When she complained of their possessiveness,  she did so with a smile.

My sisters were well matched with Berserkers, and happy. Perhaps I would be so lucky.  

I found a rock near the pool and sat down, studying my reflection. Skin not dark or pale, but tan with faint freckles. Long hair neither very blonde or very dark, but a dun brown. I wasn’t short like Sabine, or tall like Brenna. There was nothing extraordinary about my looks or my person. Sabine had smarts and Brenna had courage, but I was lacking in both.

My hand dashed my reflection. At least one red-headed warrior had thought me beautiful. He was well built and strong, and he wanted me.

“Fergus,” I whispered, touching my hair where I’d threaded the white flower. “If there was any magic in me, I would use it to find a way to bind us now.”

“Does our company weary you so much that you’d speak to your own reflection?” A warrior with blond hair loomed over me. I’d noticed him before—he had fine looks but an unhandsome sneer on his face, and watched me in a way that made me uneasy.

“I know. Let us have some entertainment. A small tournament. Any man here can challenge me.”

I rose and scooted away from the warrior, under the pretense of going to a berry bush to pick fruit for my lunch. If I was lucky, I would not attract any unwelcome attention.

 The blond warrior faced the rest of the troop. I noted that none met his eyes—a sign that this bully was dominant in the pack. “Well, come on? Will no one challenge me? Winner gets a kiss from the prize.”

At that, I stiffened. I might be no more than a prize to these men, but my kisses were mine to give. This warrior had no right to claim them.  

“The winner will get nothing from me,” I blurted. “I am not a bawd, earning my keep in your beds.”

The blond warrior whirled and stalked back towards me, and I knew I’d made a mistake. He stalked closer, intent on tormenting me.

“No? Pity. It might be better for the pack if you were. Perhaps I will suggest it at the Gathering. We could pass you around and enjoy your charms. Why should one man claim what we all could share?”

I tensed as he bent over me, but stood my ground. “My fate has been decided.”

“Such a shame. We could have had fun.” He stepped closer, too close. Every instinct in me told me to run. I clenched my fists at my sides and forced myself not to look up at him, or strike out, goading him further.

I  couldn’t stop my sharp tongue. “I doubt I would enjoy it.”

His voice dropped an octave lower, but the seductive purr only made my skin crawl. “It will be my pleasure to prove you wrong.”

“Not unless you win the Games.” Inwardly I shuddered at the thought of being shackled to such a bully.

When I started to move away, he caught my sleeve with a growl.

“Siebold,” a deep voice rang out before I could lash out. “Take two wolves and patrol ahead.”

The bully froze. “But–”

“Now.” Even I felt the push of compulsion in the order. Berserkers were wolves who followed an Alpha, and a more dominant wolf had power over a weaker one. Whoever this Siebold was, he held sway over most of the warriors—but not all of them.

The blond left and my savior approached. Without thinking, I looked up…and looked up further. This man was enormous. Tall and broad, his heavily muscled form towered over me, enough to block out the sun. His legs were like tree trunks; his arms and shoulders stretching the leather jerkin he wore. He wasn’t handsome—a scar slashed over his blunt features, and his grey stubble on his chin matched that of his shaved head—but he was striking, powerful. A force to be reckoned with.  

At the last moment, I dropped my gaze.

“The rest of you, spread out. Form a perimeter,” the giant ordered, and the rest of my escort obeyed. He remained, my sole protector.

Slowly, my body relaxed. I picked some fruit off the berry bush while the great warrior hovered at my side.

“You would do well to eat more than berries, little one.” He offered me a strip of dried meat.

“Thank you, sir.”  I accepted, careful not to touch his fingers. I’d had little appetite lately, but I found it had returned. When I finished the meat, I unhooked a horn I wore at my belt, and filled it with water from the stream. The giant warrior stayed at my side, watching over me. I offered him the horn, first. He paused before he took it.

“Careful, Muriel. Sharing a drink with a warrior means more to him than it might to you.” At my puzzled look, he explained. “Long ago, when a woman approached a man with a horn, it meant she had chosen him for the night. We remember some of these rules from the years when we were men.”

Inspiration for Wulfgar: actor Russell Crowe

“I’ll take more care, sir.” I didn’t raise my eyes beyond the dip in the center of his chest. Pack rules didn’t allow weaker members to look stronger ones in the eye. To do so was a challenge that could result in a fight to the death. In many packs, females that could not fight were punished for rising above their place. As a human female, I was weaker than any other, and this man was twice as tall and thrice as broad as me, the most powerful Berserker I’d ever seen. He could crush me with a single blow, yet I felt safe in his shadow, unlike with Siebold or most of the others.

“Look at me, little one,” he rumbled. Nervous, I obeyed almost as soon as he gave the command. The scar gave his face a brutal look, but his grey eyes were kind.

“I thought…” I licked my lips and found my voice, “I was told I’m not supposed to look any wolf in the eye,” I told him.

“It is wise to follow that rule carefully, but not with me. Never with me. My wolf doesn’t see you as a threat.”

I felt like he’d told me something important.

“Thank you, sir,” I said, trying to be polite.

Grey eyes smiled.

“So brave. You did well, standing up to Siebold.”

I pursed my lips. “He’s a bully.”

“He is. A dangerous one. You need to take care not to bait him, unless you’re around me.”

“I’ve never been good at holding my tongue.”

“So I’ve heard. You were very brave when the Berserkers first took you, calling out to save your sister’s life, making demands of the Lowland Pack even when you were their captive.”

I blinked. “You hea
rd of that?”

“Every wolf has heard of it.” Reaching out, he tucked a strand of hair behind my ears. I jerked back, my heart tripping faster. This warrior dwarfed me in every way. His hands could span the width of my waist, but when his blunt fingers caught a handful of my long, brown tresses, his thumb stroked the shining lock of hair with surprising gentleness.

“My lord–” I protested, tugging the lock from his grip. Heat suffused my body as if he had touched my skin, and again my gaze fell to the chiseled muscles of his chest. Cheeks hot, I couldn’t bear to look him in the eye.

“Wulfgar,” he supplied, amusement in his tone.

“My lord Wulfgar, you should not touch me. It does dishonor to the man who will win my hand.”

One side of his mouth creased in a half smile. “Is that so, little one? Then I had better win.”


Captured to be a prize in the brutal Berserker Games…


My life changed forever when the Berserkers took me. These fearsome warriors must find women to keep their lethal rage at bay…and I am an ideal mate.


The Alphas decree that all warriors must compete in a series of Highland Games for my hand. Of all the giant warriors, two have caught my eye, but I have no choice. When the final match is over, I will belong to the ruthless victors. They will possess me fully. I can only hope they will be the two I could come to love…   


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A very merry Berserker holiday

Hello, Spankos! Hope your holiday is as merry and bright as your favorite heroine’s bum. Here’s some naughty menage punishment from my latest release <3




Maddox pounced. I found myself face down over his lap with my gunna around my waist. I kicked wildly. “What are you doing?”
“Showing you how you will be punished.” He smoothed a hand over my bottom and squeezed each cheek.

“Stop it!”

My struggles only resulted in him pinning my legs under one of his and securing my hands in the small of my back. My feet fluttered as he caressed my bottom and then brought his hand down, hard.

My outrage echoed through the cavern. I tried twisting and Maddox held me further.

“That’s one,” he said, and smacked me again, harder. This time it stung.

“That’s enough!”

“No, that’s two.”

Ragnvald laughed. I cursed at him, and gasped when Maddox let fly a flurry of smacks that had me dancing on my belly. The sting wasn’t unbearable, but the humiliation of being pinned and punished like a naughty child was.

“I will kill you, wolf.”

Maddox responded by slapping the tops of my thighs. The pain on my sensitive flesh brought tears to my eyes, and I found it wise to say silent.

“Think she’s learned her lesson?”

“I will ask her,” Maddox said. “Will you obey us, Sabine? You may not speak, only nod.”


A fresh volley on my bare bottom had me gritting my teeth,.

“Let’s try that again. Will you obey? You do not have permission to speak.”

I jerked my head, once.

“Good girl.”


Taken by the Berserkers: an MFM menage shifter romance

My mother warned me not to go alone to the grove. But when the moon is full, heat stirs my blood…and it calls to them.

The Berserkers came in the night and took me. I woke chained outside the monsters’ cave.

They were warriors, cursed by a witch to become ravening beasts. They tell me I’m their mate. The prophecy says I am the only one who can heal them. But can I tame the beast that haunts their mind…before it’s too late?

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I trembled, every hair on my flesh prickled in the age old response of the hunted. They were predators and I was prey.

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Meet the Berserkers


BerserkerBanner (1)



“Do ye like yer smooth cunny?” He lay his cheek on my thigh, his beard scratching me lightly. Wet poured from me and he inhaled, his eyes glowing brighter. He began laying kisses on my inner thighs and soft lips, waiting for me to admit my struggles had been in vain.

Setting my jaw, I reached down and tried to tug his head forward, to force him to lick me as I liked. Daegan caught my hands in surprise.

Samuel chuckled so hard, his laugh shook me as I lay back on his chest. I shot him an annoyed look.

“She grows bolder,” Samuel said to Daegan in an approving tone.

“Aye, she’s a courageous one. But it is a pleasure to teach her to mind.” Holding my hands away, Daegan used his tongue to tame me, laving up and down my soft, wet heat until I writhed and gasped. He pulled away with a wicked smile.


Claimed by two fearsome warriors, can Brenna accept her place as their true mate?

“What do ye say, Brenna. Are ye glad to be shaved?”

I glared at him and he teased me some more. Finally I nodded vigorously, silently begging for release.

“Good lass,” he praised me, using finger and little kisses on my pleasure bud to send me convulsing over the edge. All too soon, he was kissing and licking me again, and the coil of pleasure tightened in me again.

As he worshiped between my legs, his finger dipped and probed lightly at my bottom hole. I clenched and he shot me an impish look.

“One day, wee one,” He said to me. “I will take you here while my brother takes your cunny, and we will claim you together.”

As his finger slipped in and out of my lower hole, I scrunched my features and made a face.

Daegan’s laugh echoed around the chamber.

“You dinnae like the sound of that, lass?”

I squirmed away from his finger, still frowning.

“Brenna,” Samuel warned, clutching me tighter.

“It’s all right, brother,” Daegan soothed. “Brenna, ye dinnae believe I can make it feel good?”

Before I could nod or shake my head, he dipped his head and fastened his mouth on my overstimulated nub. I tried to escape, but between him and Samuel I couldn’t move to escape Daegan’s insistent tongue. My mouth opened in a silent gasp, and Samuel gripped my hair, turning my head to claim my mouth. I panted and Samuel drew back, nibbling on my lips instead. Between my legs, Daegan did the same, licking and sucking until I gasped into Samuel’s kiss.

Over the next few minutes, I learned something about my two warriors: they thought the same. One would probe his tongue into my mouth, stabbing and possessing, while the other thrust his tongue into my cunny. My mouth fell open, lax, and my eyes were half lidded as two men fed on my sweet lips, one above, one below. Samuel transferred his snuffling kisses to my ears, while Daegan remained at the center of my legs, sucking on my pleasure spot until I shuddered onto the pelts.

In the languid aftermath of my release, I realized Daegan had ventured further, sweeping his tongue up between my buttocks. It felt good, but I fought to close my legs and keep him out. With a small growl, he pinned my thighs and, gripping my bum cheeks to hold them open, vigorously tongued my dark hole.

I didn’t want it to feel good, but it did. I reminded myself that he’d washed me thoroughly. All the same, I was glad when he added two fingers to my cunny, stroking my sensitive pearl to another shattering climax.

“Is she ready for a good hard fucking?” Daegan asked Samuel as I lay convulsing on the pelts.

“She was born for it,” Samuel growled and swung into place over me.


When Brenna’s father sells her to a band of passing warriors, her only thought is to survive. She doesn’t expect to be claimed by the two fearsome warriors who lead the Berserker clan. Kept in captivity, she is coddled and cared for, treated more like a savior than a slave. Can captivity lead to love? And when she discovers the truth behind the myth of the fearsome warriors, can she accept her place as the Berserkers’ true mate? $.99 and in Kindle UnlimitedWIPimage12




#Satspanks Sold to the Berserkers

Welcome Spankos…

OTK Sat Spanks-dusty rose

Today I have an excerpt from my newest release, a novellette set in medieval Scottish highlands, starring menage werewolves. 😀


Mute and scarred from a wolf attack when she was young, nineteen year old Brenna is sold by her stepfather to a band of passing warriors. In this excerpt she learns her place as a cherished pleasure slave to the two alpha leaders.


“Our little love doesn’t like seeing us fight,” Samuel remarked, but he didn’t sound upset. He held my hand in his own massive paws, rubbing and massaging, cradling carefully like it was a fragile bird.

“She knows the way to soothe us. Come, Brenna,” Daegan tugged my hand. “Let us teach you something new.” He lay a pelt before the dais and helped me kneel before Samuel. “Whenever I anger my brother it’ll be up to you to settle him.”shutterstock_344430152

With a small smile, Samuel shifted his loincloth and drew himself out.

“Touch him,” Daegan said into my ear. The dark haired warrior crouched behind me, coaching me as I took Samuel’s shaft in my hand and stroked him.

“Now yer mouth, wee one,” he instructed. 

As my lips brushed his cock, Samuel closed his eyes. I took it as a good sign.

The truth was I liked finding ways to please them. On my knees before the great warrior, I felt content.

My tongue touched his thick flesh and his cock jumped. I circled around the pink crown, then, at Daegan’s insistence, pushed my head forward to swallow more. Samuel was too thick for me to take down very far, but I tried my best, backing off and working my mouth down again.

Daegan’s fingers sifted in my hair and he worked my head up and down in a rhythm until Samuel stiffened and came. Cum spilled from my mouth and down my chest.

Samuel sat up and fed it to me, smearing it over my lips and breasts before kissing me.

“You smell of my seed,” he growled happily. His golden eyes glowed.

“My turn.” Daegan took a handful of my hair and tugged gently to turn me to him. I rose up on tall knees and gave him the same service. Withshutterstock_344430140 his dark hair and golden eyes, he looked like a wicked beast, feral. For all his gentle coaxing when I serviced his brother, Daegan was more forceful with me, gripping my head and moving it up and down the shaft. I gripped his thighs and breathed through my nose until he spent himself.

Samuel tugged me to my feet. He sat on the rock, his manhood sticking straight up. I thought he wanted me to lick him again, but he took my hips and lifted me onto his cock. We both sighed as I sank down his shaft. As always, his thickness stretched me to pleasure’s breaking point. His hand slipped between us and his thumb caught my pleasure nub, stroking until shockwaves radiated through me. I convulsed, my hands tearing at his hair. His mouth found my neck, licking and sucking the tender skin. His lips drifted to the thick scar tissue. I tolerated it for a few moments, before tugging his head away. A growl rumbled through his chest, but he moved on to my chest until I arched back, offering my breasts to him as he licked, teased and sucked the tender mounds.

Daegan came to prop me up and I leaned back against him, smiling as his head came down to claim my mouth. His warrior brother finished worshiping my breasts and pulled me against him. Samuel gripped my hips hard and lifted me up and down on his shaft.

Pleasure claimed me again, vibrations starting deep, deep inside me and spreading outwards through my whole body. I gasped and clawed at Samuel’s arms and muscled shoulders. The big warrior roared and lay back, pulling me over him.

“Ride me,” he ordered, his eyes piercing mine.

I struggled to get my limbs together.

I felt Daegan’s hand smooth down my back, squeezing one butt check and then other before smacking it. “Up and down, Brenna, there’s a good lass. Give my brother relief.”Untitled1

Finding purchase on the rock, I straddled the big warrior and pushed myself up and down. My skin grew slick with sweat.
Daegan spanked me for a while to encourage me, then his fingers slipped in the crevice between my buttocks. I jerked up to escape the probing digit, and the dark haired warrior smacked my bottom again.

Samuel’s fingers tugged my nipples, drawing my attention. “Faster,” he grunted, and I obeyed, rocking over him as he pulled my nipples to control the pace. The pain made me clench down on the blond’s giant cock, and he grabbed my hips and pounded me from beneath until he came with a roar.



Sold to the Berserkers is live on Amazon for $.99! And in Kindle Unlimited. 😀

Fun fact, it draws on the mythology I researched for my historical fantasy novel, Raven & Wolf.


#WipitUp Wednesday Sold to the Berserkers


Welcome, Wipsters! Here’s an excerpt from my new release, a menage shifter romance set in the medieval Scottish Highlands. Nineteen year old Brenna is mute and scarred from a childhood wolf attack, so her stepfather sells her to a band of fearsome berserker warriors as a pleasure slave. To her surprise, the two alpha leaders are just as concerned with HER pleasure as their own…

I woke cradled in softness, my body a bit too warm. Sweat trickled down my bare breasts. My gown was gone; the memory of the warriors stripping me, at least, wasn’t a dream. 

When I moved, I touched a body lying in front of me and my eyes flew open. A warrior lay beside me, his large form in repose. We rested in a pile of pelts, in a dark room lit by a fire. In my sleep, I’d curled on my side facing the dark haired warrior and there was barely a hairs breath between my bare chest and his. shutterstock_344430140

Stretching a little, I pushed the thick fur from me.

His body felt so warm. I wriggled back a little, and the man’s eyes opened and twinkled. I met his gaze without fear. We’d shared only a night and half a day, but I felt at ease with his friendly expression. His smile boded well for my life as a slave.

“Brenna,” he greeted me, and his voice, rough with sleep, sounded clearer to my ears. “Did ye sleep well?”

I nodded. He rolled onto his side, facing me, and his broad, muscled chest filled my vision. Part of me wanted to cringe and slip away, but I reminded myself that this was my new master. I may as well lay there and let him do what he would. Besides, I was comfortable on the pelts.

The warrior shifted closer, his light brown eyes glowing brighter. I could make out every dark lash. Slowly, as if he might startle me, he lifted a large rough hand, and touched my face with more care than I would’ve guessed he could muster. I lowered my eyes as he caressed me, letting him take liberties, smoothing my skin and pushing back my hair.

Strange as it was, lying beside a man I’d never met, one who’d bought me in the woods in a humiliating transaction, I enjoyed the moment, the warrior’s rough and gentle fingers. An outcast who kept to her accepted lot, I wasn’t often touched. It felt nice.

Too late I realized he was exploring my scar and jerked my head away.

“Shhh, still. I won’t hurt you.”

My hand came up to cover the scarred side of my neck and face.

He gazed at me with honest eyes. “You don’t like it?”

I shook my head. The scar was my bane, my curse. It made me too ugly for marriage to a village boy, made me fit only to be a slave.

My hand pressed harder, but he took it and pulled off my face, frowning a little as he examined the weals underneath. As much as I wanted to struggle, I held my body still. This was not my secret lover, or a friend. He was a warrior who had bought and paid for me. I had to remember that, if I was to survive.

My new life’s aim was pleasing my new masters. The longer I did that, and stayed alive, the higher my chances to one day find a way to escape.

I held onto this thought as I stared at my dark haired bedmate, blinking hard to hold back tears.

“Isnae so bad, lass. Just a wee mark. It makes ye different, but it isnae enough to take from yer beauty.”

I blinked. No one had ever called me beautiful. The warrior pulled my hand away from my face and kissed it. His lips worked at my palm, tickling me with the bristles on his chin and jaw. The skin around his eyes crinkled with a mischievous smile.

Just like that, I felt warmth rush to all my secret parts. My womb clenched and filled with longing.

The flood of desire was so sudden and shocking, I automatically tried to tug my hand away.

He didn’t let it go. Turning my hand, he laid kisses down my wrist, sucking lightly at the skin over my pulse. My heartbeat leapt tellingly, and he grinned full on.

“That’s it, Brenna. There’s a good lass.” His eyes caught fire, brightening with that otherworldly glow.

Despite myself, I shifted, feeling arousal pool as wetness between my legs.

He paused, scenting the air. If I’d thought his eyes were golden before, they burned ten times hotter when he angled his head closer to me. Slowly he bent his head, ready to touch his mouth to mine… Transfixed by those beautiful eyes, I couldn’t move if I tried.

Something moved behind me and I startled, then panicked. I caught a glimpse of blond locks as I started thrashing. There was another man in the bed. In my fixation on the dark-haired warrior, I hadn’t noticed the second, massive form.

Before I could rise, the dark haired one caught me, pulling my trembling body back onto the pelts.

“Be still,” another voice rumbled.

shutterstock_344430152Immediately I froze. The animal sound raised the hairs on the back of my head.

The dark haired man wrapped burly arms around my torso. His thigh rested over my legs, capturing me thoroughly.

“Calm, lass,” he breathed into my ear. “Tis only Samuel.”

Slowly I turned my head to Samuel and met the blond leader’s wild gold gaze.

“Do ye remember Samuel? He carried ye up the mountain. Dinnae hurt his feelings. He will grow surly and sulk all day.”

My brow furrowed until I realized they were teasing me. Under the short beard, Samuel’s mouth softened a little from its serious expression.

“Starting without me, Daegan?” he spoke over my head to his warrior brother.

“Just a wee kiss.” The black haired warrior rolled me to my back so I could look up at both of them. I swallowed hard, trying not to show on my face how intimidated I was.

They loomed over me, one dark and the other fair. One serious and intense, the other with a mischievous glinting light in his eye.

Their touches became bolder. One hand soothed down my hip.

The worst was how my body responded. I shifted anxiously as a prickle of heat curled through me. I fought it, closing my eyes.

“Open.” Deagan smoothed my hair back from my face.

I did and he rewarded me, bending down as if to kiss me. He inhaled deeply, then raised his head.

“So good,” he commented to his brother.

“Just as the witch said.” Samuel ran a long finger down the side of my face.

“Do ye feel it?”

“I feel it,” the blond confirmed. Their voices were still rough and deep but they were stronger.

The dark haired warrior reared over me, settling beside me as I lay back looking up at him.

“Brenna,” he said, putting his hand on my chest as he had last night. His voice was much clearer than the guttural grunt it had been before. He placed his hand on his chest, and this time I caught his name. “Daegan.”

He seemed to be waiting for me to answer, so I nodded.

“Samuel,” the other said.

Like my dream last night, their hands started stroking up and down my body. Starting with my face and drifting down either arm, their hands touched and caressed.

Samuel’s brushed my breast, my nipple hardened suddenly and I startled.

“Shhh, relax,” the blond said. “It’s all right.”

“So lovely,” Daegan added, running a single finger down my arm, sending shivers through my entire body. “Do ye like our touch, lass?”

I blinked at him, afraid to nod or shake my head. A part of me liked it, and a part of me knew I shouldn’t. It was all happening so fast.

“You’re ours now, Brenna. We bought you because we wished for a woman to share our bed. We believe you are the one,” Samuel said.

“Obey us, lass, and we’ll cherish and protect you, and give you pleasure.”

I lay stiff, trying to wrap my head around their words. The events of the past night and day still jumbled in my head.
Daegan wrapped his hand around my ankle and I had to force myself not to kick. It was his ankle now, to caress or crush as he pleased. I was their slave.

Fear must have tracked across my face, for Samuel spoke in a soothing tone. “Calm Brenna, give yourself over to us. We have long awaited you.”

I blinked. They’d awaited me?

The big leader stroked my cheek. “We own you now, and we will care for you and protect you. You will never come to any harm.”

His thumb went to my lip and ran over the soft skin there. My heart beat faster, but not only with fear.
He sighed. “I wish you could speak to us. I would give anything to know your questions. Take away the fear in your eyes.”

I tried to relax. These men had bought me but then now sought to comfort.

Samuel shifted over me and pinned me with that intense gaze. Daegan positioned himself at my head, cradling it in the crook of his arm and playing with me hair.

“We will see to ye now.” Samuel reared over me and pulled the pelt away from my body. I couldn’t move as if I’d turned to stone with fear. I lay naked before these great warriors, who feasted on my flesh with a golden gaze.

“Lovely,” Daegan said, and I went from afraid to excited in a few seconds.

Samuel bent so his hair brushed my upper thighs and bent his head. He seemed to be scenting me.
I tried to close my legs and he held them open. Daegan lifted me so he could hold me half in his lap, my head against his chest. He reached down and laid palms on my thighs to keep them apart for his warrior brother.

Feeling trapped, I started struggling. Despite their kind words, I didn’t know these men or what they would do with me.

“Brenna,” Samuel turned my name into a command. “Lie still. We will not hurt you. You are our most treasured possession.”

Daegan stroked my inner thigh. “Ye dinnae ken now, but you will.”

Samuel brushed fingers over my center. “This belongs to us now.” He moved his hands a little and my hips shifted of their own volition, responding.

If I could’ve cried out or made a little noise of longing, I would’ve.

All too soon, he took his fingers away, smelling my musk, then tasting it.

My own mouth parted in a gasp, and it proved too much for Daegan. One hand left my thighs and gripped my hair gently, turning it so he could kiss me. His lips touched mine, pecking and inviting before his head slanted and he drank more deeply of my mouth. I stilled with shock at my first kiss.

He pulled away with a mischievous light in his eye. “Do ye like that?” His brow went up, almost daring me to say no.

I just stared.

Samuel almost grinned.

“Let me try again.” Daegan did grin, full out before he bent and teased at my lips with his tongue. Heat flared through me.

“My turn,” Samuel leaned forward. Daegan cradled me as the big man cupped my face, drawing me forward with tender fingers before touching his lips to mine. Like his warrior brother, he tasted of clean and good, and when my lips parted, his tongue slipped inside.

By the time the kiss ended, I was breathing hard. Wet heat pooled at my center.

Samuel took his time, kissing me again, then offering my mouth back to Daegan. Their hands moved over my skin nonstop, stroking my arms, breasts, hips and waist and down my legs. Between four hands and twin mouths, they left no part of me uncaressed….except one.

After a time my legs lay open of their own accord, my center exposed and begging for attention.

The heat rose in me stronger than ever before, the fire fed by the readying touches of two men. I fought it as I always had, struggling to remain myself, to hold onto Brenna. Each kiss, each touch, each swipe of tongue at my neck or knee and I lost myself a little bit more.

Samuel drew back for a moment and I blinked at the respite. His long hair streamed over an awesome chest. Daegan had a smaller build, though not by much. Every movement displayed muscles on muscles, lean and chiseled.
These were hard men, with hard lives, and I was to lie with both of them.

They marveled at my softness, commenting as they stroked me.

“So smooth. Feel this.”

Hands cupped my breast and I arched my back, my breath coming faster as I wordlessly asked for more.

“Such a beautiful lass. So perfect for us.”

Daegan’s large hands traced down the curve of my hip.

“Perfection.” Samuel’s fingers brushed between my legs, the barest of touches. “Relax, sweet one, we will now give you pleasure.”



When Brenna’s father sells her to a band of passing warriors, her only thought is to survive. She doesn’t expect to be claimed by the two fearsome warriors who lead the Berserker clan. Kept in captivity, she is coddled and cared for, treated more like a savior than a slave. Can captivity lead to love? And when she discovers the truth behind the myth of the fearsome warriors, can she accept her place as the Berserkers’ true mate?

$.99 & in Kindle Unlimited for a limited time!