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Today I have an excerpt from my newest release, a novellette set in medieval Scottish highlands, starring menage werewolves. 😀


Mute and scarred from a wolf attack when she was young, nineteen year old Brenna is sold by her stepfather to a band of passing warriors. In this excerpt she learns her place as a cherished pleasure slave to the two alpha leaders.


“Our little love doesn’t like seeing us fight,” Samuel remarked, but he didn’t sound upset. He held my hand in his own massive paws, rubbing and massaging, cradling carefully like it was a fragile bird.

“She knows the way to soothe us. Come, Brenna,” Daegan tugged my hand. “Let us teach you something new.” He lay a pelt before the dais and helped me kneel before Samuel. “Whenever I anger my brother it’ll be up to you to settle him.”shutterstock_344430152

With a small smile, Samuel shifted his loincloth and drew himself out.

“Touch him,” Daegan said into my ear. The dark haired warrior crouched behind me, coaching me as I took Samuel’s shaft in my hand and stroked him.

“Now yer mouth, wee one,” he instructed. 

As my lips brushed his cock, Samuel closed his eyes. I took it as a good sign.

The truth was I liked finding ways to please them. On my knees before the great warrior, I felt content.

My tongue touched his thick flesh and his cock jumped. I circled around the pink crown, then, at Daegan’s insistence, pushed my head forward to swallow more. Samuel was too thick for me to take down very far, but I tried my best, backing off and working my mouth down again.

Daegan’s fingers sifted in my hair and he worked my head up and down in a rhythm until Samuel stiffened and came. Cum spilled from my mouth and down my chest.

Samuel sat up and fed it to me, smearing it over my lips and breasts before kissing me.

“You smell of my seed,” he growled happily. His golden eyes glowed.

“My turn.” Daegan took a handful of my hair and tugged gently to turn me to him. I rose up on tall knees and gave him the same service. Withshutterstock_344430140 his dark hair and golden eyes, he looked like a wicked beast, feral. For all his gentle coaxing when I serviced his brother, Daegan was more forceful with me, gripping my head and moving it up and down the shaft. I gripped his thighs and breathed through my nose until he spent himself.

Samuel tugged me to my feet. He sat on the rock, his manhood sticking straight up. I thought he wanted me to lick him again, but he took my hips and lifted me onto his cock. We both sighed as I sank down his shaft. As always, his thickness stretched me to pleasure’s breaking point. His hand slipped between us and his thumb caught my pleasure nub, stroking until shockwaves radiated through me. I convulsed, my hands tearing at his hair. His mouth found my neck, licking and sucking the tender skin. His lips drifted to the thick scar tissue. I tolerated it for a few moments, before tugging his head away. A growl rumbled through his chest, but he moved on to my chest until I arched back, offering my breasts to him as he licked, teased and sucked the tender mounds.

Daegan came to prop me up and I leaned back against him, smiling as his head came down to claim my mouth. His warrior brother finished worshiping my breasts and pulled me against him. Samuel gripped my hips hard and lifted me up and down on his shaft.

Pleasure claimed me again, vibrations starting deep, deep inside me and spreading outwards through my whole body. I gasped and clawed at Samuel’s arms and muscled shoulders. The big warrior roared and lay back, pulling me over him.

“Ride me,” he ordered, his eyes piercing mine.

I struggled to get my limbs together.

I felt Daegan’s hand smooth down my back, squeezing one butt check and then other before smacking it. “Up and down, Brenna, there’s a good lass. Give my brother relief.”Untitled1

Finding purchase on the rock, I straddled the big warrior and pushed myself up and down. My skin grew slick with sweat.
Daegan spanked me for a while to encourage me, then his fingers slipped in the crevice between my buttocks. I jerked up to escape the probing digit, and the dark haired warrior smacked my bottom again.

Samuel’s fingers tugged my nipples, drawing my attention. “Faster,” he grunted, and I obeyed, rocking over him as he pulled my nipples to control the pace. The pain made me clench down on the blond’s giant cock, and he grabbed my hips and pounded me from beneath until he came with a roar.



Sold to the Berserkers is live on Amazon for $.99! And in Kindle Unlimited. 😀

Fun fact, it draws on the mythology I researched for my historical fantasy novel, Raven & Wolf.



  1. Talk about insatiable. That young lady is certainly going to be kept very busy….

  2. Livia Grant says:

    Wow, she is one lucky girl. Well, except maybe the being sold into slavery stuff, but hey she’s making the best of her situation 🙂 lol

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