Brenna’s Public Punishment


Hey Spankos! Mated to Berserkers was just free on Amazon so I thought I’d share this scene… 

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I took my place in front of the pack. It was so quiet I could hear flies buzzing, and the frightened pants of the bound woman.

It shouldn’t excite me but it did.

“Brenna of the Berserker clan, you’re being punished for challenging a warrior. This whipping will teach you your place. Pack rules allow you to submit this way instead of fighting to the death.”

I prayed she heard these words and understood the gravity of her offense. Berserkers lived and died by the rules, carefully crafted to keep the beast at bay.

It was up to me to complete the ritual. Besides my somber expression, I wore deerskin breeches. My chest was bare. I drew a knife and walked around to face our beloved. I held her eyes as I lifted the blade. She didn’t look away, but stayed brave as I cut off her meager shift. The cloth fell and bared her perfect body to every man and wolf in the clearing.

A short whine rose from one, and ended when Samuel growled. Today, the pack could look upon on our woman, but we would not let them forget she belonged to us.

Brenna closed her eyes. Her pure skin pebbled, from both the cool mountain air and her own fearful anticipation. I broke the ritual then, leaning forward to kiss her. “Trust me, lass,” I breathed against her mouth. She nodded. I caught the slight scent of her musk when I stepped back.

My own cock was painfully hard as I stalked back around and readied the flogger. I snapped it several times before laying it on her back.

I heard a harsh sound as she sucked in a breath, but she relaxed when she realized the impact didn’t hurt. I whipped her carefully, painting her upper back and curved buttocks red. These first strikes served to warm her skin and ready it for a long beating. Over time the sting would rise from the striped skin, but for now it would feel as gentle as a massage.

I paused when her skin grew flushed. Brenna’s breathing was deep and even. If I could, I would stop here, give her pleasure. But the pack expected her misery.

Flicking my wrist, I let the flogger fly.



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  1. This show a lot of love, that hopefully the others can’t see it.

  2. Meredith O'Reilly says:

    Hi! I’m filling in for Kathryn as host of SatSpanks again! Hmm…it sounds like Brenna is enjoying this punishment. Great snippet!

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