Books are like crack. Ever since I learned to read, I’ve been addicted, to the point of hiding behind the couch to finish reading while my mom searched for me to make me do chores.

Come to think of it, my last job I spent quite a bit of time hiding in the bathroom, scarfing down Young Adult titles by Robin McKinley and Juliet Marillier. The job lasted 9 months; I quit before I was fired.

Anyhoo, if books are my addiction, I don’t want rehab. I read about a book a day, and this blog is going to be my outlet.

Here we’ll discover the best books out there with strong female leads–a heroine–who saves the day. She’ll either start out strong and kickass (I’m thinking Mercedes in Patricia Brigg’s Urban Fantasy series) or weak and grow into her own strength (I’m thinking Tess in the mystery thriller “The Perfect Husband” by Lisa Gardner). Either way, we’ll get a strong dose of women’s power along with (I hope) some hot male co-leads. Romance, Mystery, Sci-Fi, Thriller…I read all genres and find these ladies everywhere. And now, they’ll be in one place.


I’m a heroine in my own story…still being written! 😀

One more thought…my own stories sometimes doesn’t pass the Bechdel test (something I’m working madly to remedy), but I figure the more I read about strong women, the more I’ll find my own voice, grow into myself, and fly.

So here we go…

Get ready for some great reads!





  1. Debbie Maphis says:

    Just finished reading The Berserker Seried. This series is one of the best I have ever read!! Can’t wait for the next book to come out!!

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