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Lee Savino
 has grandiose goals but most days can’t find her wallet or her keys so she just stays at home and writes. While she was studying creative writing at Hollins University, her first manuscript won the Hollins Fiction Prize.

She lives in Richmond, Va with her awesome family> You can find her on Facebook in the Goddess Group (which you totally should join).

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  1. Absolutely loved the first book in the beserker series! Thank you for the opportunity to read it 💕

  2. Laura Green says:

    Enjoying your books – but having trouble subscribing to your newsletter. Trying this approach instead.

  3. Nito Salam says:

    Really love your books – but cannot get them from Amazon.
    Trying to find other publishers.

  4. Have read the first 2 books and they are brilliant! Excellent storylines and characters. Good job Lee

  5. I’m looking for Innocence in the Underworld. It’s nowhere to be found. Where can I get a copy?

    • Lee Savino says:

      oooooh, I unpublished it. It’s actually up on Radish but that’s it… It’s not as well written as my new stuff!

  6. Annlawrence Bonshor says:

    You are a brilliant writer! If I could go to the time of berserker s I would in a hot minute. You write of intimacy and a close bond I dream of

  7. Diane Wells says:

    Absolutely love you’re books Lee! Thank you so much for the delicious Beserkers and their adventures. Can’t wait to read what you have in store for us next! Much love and blessed be xxx

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