Help me choose a narrator for the Berserker Saga…

Which narrator should I choose? Vote in the comments below! Or email me: 😀

Option 1:


Option 2


  1. Number two, the real Scot ;), sounded so sexy & how many if my own characters sound in my works. 🙂

  2. I think Option 1 gets more gravelly and has a better voice for the berserkers.

  3. Option 1

  4. Option 2, hands down!

  5. Christiane says:

    Although I like the Scottish accent, I vote for option 1. it is clearer from the pronounciation, quieter more mysterious and easier to follow, keeps you captivated & focused on the story.

  6. Option 2
    A real scoutsman. Yeah

  7. Marybeth Renn says:

    I like #2. Maybe a female for the girl parts? I’m listening to the Masters of the Shadowlands and I like how they switched to both a male and female narrator.

  8. Helena Scherpenzeel says:

    option 1

    its easier to listen to and understand for those who don’t have English as a first language

  9. I think both are great but prefer the sexond, oppss, I mean second. LOL

  10. cristi Darst says:

    Option 1 is sexy-er. I

  11. Diane Garofalo says:

    Okay, both are wonderful narrators, guess that’s why you’re asking for our opinions. LOL

    Option 1 – has a deep, enriching voice – full bodied – It is very clear when he switches voices for each Berserker – I could identify – Daegan from Samuel. Since, I have listened to other books, I feel this is VERY important and he does it really well. And, as I said his narrator voice is rich, distinct and easily understood.
    Option 2 is good but he is a little to high in his pitch to make it easy listening and it was harder to distinguish from character to character.

  12. I prefer female narrator for female characters, otherwise it jars me right out of the story. Option 1 is clear speaking and appeal to more I think.

  13. Option 2, there is something about option 1 that I would have a hard time listening to for a whole book

  14. Open 2 sounds the best to me for a sensual story.

  15. Cheryl Nichols says:

    Option 1 sexy voice

  16. #. 2 all the way

  17. Helen Picone says:

    I love the Scot. Both readers are great, but the English accent just does not fit a beserker. I have already read this so the accent was not a problem for me, but may be one for many American listeners.

  18. I like the Scottish accent of Option 2, but I’d have to go with Option 1. One has a more distinct, forceful voice; Two is too soft with little emotion. Also, you really need a female narrator for the female parts.

  19. I like the second audio. It is easier on the ears. the first audio, the voice rumbles and if I loose concentration for the moment, I would have to rewind and listen again.

  20. Number two option. Able to hear him soft voice smoothly. Nice deep voice and clear.

  21. My first preference would be a male and a female narrator. If that’s not possible, I’d prefer a female narrator. Of these two,they’re about evenly tied. I think#2 has the deeper, fuller voice with more of a Scottish brogue. Number2 is more expressive, but his voice is a little high for my taste.

  22. Definitely option 2. And a female voice for Brenna.
    Number 1 has a good voice but he would put me to sleep after a while.
    Stick with the Scot it comes closer to the feel of a berserker.

  23. Sarah DeLong says:

    Option 2, love that voice.

  24. I agree with some replies that recommend to have a female narrator for the female parts. But if we can only choose between these two options then i choose #2. The real Scottish accent is sexy! :O)

  25. Beverly McGrath says:

    Option 1. Sounds more sexy and rougher like I’d imagine a berserker would sound. HOT !!!

  26. I prefer #1. The voice is dark, mysterious and is clear to understand. They do go slower, but reading the story as I have I could see why they talked slower. It ties into the storyline.

    #2 The voice does not match what I was thinking when I was reading the story. It’s missing that dark, mysterious aspect of the story.

  27. While I really like both, I would have to go with option 2 for the simple fact that he has a real Scottish accent that lends to the authenticity of the book.

  28. It has to be option 2, hands down, loved it. I think option 1 would grate on me after a while, he just didn’t seem as natural as Mr 2.

  29. I liked option 2 the best. I think having a female to read with him is awesome. I have listened to several books with multiple voices and find them highly entertaining when done right.

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